View Full Version : Dictatorship or Team?

05-02-10, 06:43 PM
Always do whatís best
For the kids is what they say.
But, things have gotten way off track
And we look the other way.
They need to pass the TAKS test
Donít you dare make me look bad!
Beat them to submission
Follow the latest fad.
Memorize the steps
Understand the rules
Do just what I order
Our ranking we canít loose
What about their feelings
And their precious self-esteem
So fragile at this awkward age
Dictatorship or Team???
When teachers stray from teaching
Control, gossip and yell
Kids know their heartís not in it
They can always tell.
Do teachers really teach
With kindness and respect
Or do they create the battles
Their power to protect.
Motivate the kids
And make them WANT to learn
Enthusiasmís contagious
Be kind instead of stern
Use mistakes to teach life lessons
Donít force them to obey
Encourage, guide and compliment
Each and every day
Whatís best for the students?
If you really want to know
Devotion to the TOTAL kid
Not putting on a show