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04-19-03, 11:21 AM
Hello. I know there are several regular chatters in the YAHOO ADD CHAT room from Canada and I am hoping that we can come together to chat about life, love, kids, family, school, just about anything.
The Canadian education system is different from the USA system and I hope to share stories here that reflect the struggles or the successes of our school system. Plus, I'd just really like to get to know my fellow Canadians better.

AKA big_n_beautefull (Manitoba)

04-20-03, 10:11 PM
Hello. I would consider myself a regular in the YAHOO ADD CHAT room, and I am from British COlumbia, Canada. Our son was diagnosed as ADD in October of 2002 after many years of noticing his challenges with attention. We have been very fortunate that his teachers (he has 2) are very supportive and willing to try anything to help our son. He has been doing much better in much so that his teachers called a meeting before Spring Break to 'celebrate' his achievements since Christmas. At this meeting they asked when we had started him on ritalin......we never did!!! Needless to say we are very happy with how things are going with him at school!! We attribute his success to the many lists that he has (and have become second nature for him to check and follow) both at home and at school. I hope that everyone might have the same positive experiences with school as our son has.....(so far...finger crossed they continue)


04-18-04, 08:01 AM
Hello well I am new just discovering my own ADD I have to be tested but all the signs are there. I am hoping to get more information from this forum .

04-18-04, 11:31 AM
Semiregular chatter, Thunder Bay Ontario here.

08-12-04, 01:24 PM
not a regular chatter. i would love more info on secondary conditions to adhd. I have a hubby with severe adhd and my eldest child is adhd and possibly has autism spectrum disorder just found this out yesterday. uggggggghhhhhhh now what does this all mean. anyone with any info your input would be of help to me.

08-12-04, 03:43 PM
We have a good chat room here that is under used if you feel the need, and welcome to the forums dolphin.

There is a ton of information here. Many many threads related to what's what in the world of ADHD. Use the search function to narrow your field of interest and poke around. If I can help with anything post back here or send me a note privately. There are many people here that know a lot about this exciting and often difficult life.

This is a support forum and there are places specifically for people in your position where you can share your successes and struggles. If you do some reading you'll get a good idea about the tone and variety of places and topics that this forum has to offer.

I'd venture into answering your request but it's just too broad to begin without narrowing it down some. I hope you feel welcome here and are able to get the help you need. If there is something specific you are interested in please find the appropriate forum and post a new thread there with your question. Often searching will reveal that someone before you has has similar questions with helpful answers posted back. Sometimes reading the forum guidelines is a great help. It gives you a good idea about what's possible here.

Keep in touch.
Senkiw Manitoba ian