View Full Version : Daily De-Clutter.... Tuesday, May 4th.

05-04-10, 06:47 AM
Good Morning,

Well we went and looked at a couple of cars yesterday and found one fairly cheap that we are gonna see about getting. It will mean that we can't do a thing or two that we had planned to do in the not so distant future but that's ok. It will all fall into place as it should. I have faith! :D

As for the house. I got some things done yesterday. My french doors are 1/2 clean (only did one) and I got part of the yard mowed. Today I want to:

maintain the kitchen
clean the bathroom (never got to this one)
pick up the living room (not sure on this, living rooms are heavy ;))
take out the trash

That's the list anyway, I'm sure I will do things that are NOT on it and that's perfectly ok as long as I get to some of it while I"m there. Hope you all have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

05-04-10, 07:08 AM
I didn't get much done yesterday - 2 tiny bits of the stuff to do by Thursday night!
so tonight to be more specific:
cook potatoes for dinner and while they are cooking, clean refrigerator
get rid of stack of clothes that has - once again - taken over the chair in the bedroom

05-04-10, 03:17 PM
Well ladies- I am lying here on the couch because my BP is too low to stand. Of all times to act up... As soon as I feel better, it will be time to change all of the beds, finish weeding the last three boxes of papers (or hide them in the car trunk):), finish washing the slipcovers and finish the grocery list. Tomorrow is the final day for de-cluttering and baking. Four days, and 42 minutes...

05-04-10, 04:06 PM
cooked the potatoes and cleaned the refrigerator! (what I meant by this, was wipe out the compartments in the door and that bit in front of the vegetable crisper drawer thing-y).

suz I hope you feel better!

05-04-10, 04:22 PM
been doing a not too bad job of keeping the kitchen clean, but then again, it's one of the reasons I only have to pay $200 month rent .....not a bad deal .......

however, today....speaking of de-cluttering !!! room is a mess, mostly because 1) I don't like to clean..... and ....2) I have too much stuff and very little storage, not even a closet to jam it all in .....

......but Mike just gave me a really big ( and ugly, but .....) shelf, and said I can have as many of the storage bins as I need .....whoo hoo !!!... I have to clear out the area where the shelf wiil go, and get a lot of stuff into those I will put on my Christopher Titus comedy CDs and get to it !!!

05-05-10, 12:05 PM
Now that I've assigned more kitchen duty to my oldest child I've been more motivated for other things.

Yesterday there was mulching and an initial attempt to fix a basement leak. Which included sweeping my very gross basement.

Those bits of tidying, like shaking out the bathroom rugs, and removing the screen from the window to clean...I can barely see through it. And finishing washing some clothes and a blanket that fell victim to cat urine.