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05-04-10, 01:58 PM
When ADD was a loser's game
And people seemed 2 be ashamed
I was a You-tube freak
And the buzzards used their beaks

Then I was just a bean
All I could do was dream
Life was all a-flutter
And the Frog just made butter

Then All was at seams
And Sound was filled with streams
Power was all flustered
And Atom-balls were blustered

Cats were mad
Bunnies in a box
Fox chased it's tail
And I was the Lorax

05-04-10, 02:50 PM
When I used 2 cram
I did it with a lot of jam

A little zest
So I'd behest

My tude was rude
and TV was a boob

The beast was just a number
I was still in slumber

911 was just an emergency
And I was full of surge you see

I could do the dash
In an 11 point flash

State of the Art was a polaroid
R2-D2 was only a droid

Life now comes in streams
And I am now on screen

05-04-10, 07:38 PM
Does the Sky draw a stair
every time a smoker loses air?

Or if a drummer drums
Does it care?

Does it feel the potential
In well coiffed hair?

Does it take pride
In a weather vane?

Is it styling
Or is it quite plain?

Does it groom
When a ghetto's in the room?

Does smog
Make it bog?

Or does it draw it into logs?

Do dirt-devils ring
Every time a girl sings

05-04-10, 09:28 PM
Wellbutrin the fragrant Rose
to go with the Strattera Pose
Both combined makes me Sublime
And makes Me One with Time

Adderall sits as a Specter still
Waiting for it's will
I will let it it yet linger on the sill
For fear of it's thrill

The valiant fighter with-in
Still strong amongst the many winds
Calls out never to give in
It is only I who can say who wins

05-05-10, 12:46 AM
If I were 2 ride a comet
Would I vomit
If I chose it's tail
Would I be impaled
By it's entrails?

If I were 2 ride a light beam
Would it guide me into it's stream
Would I collide when I ride
As it's electrons steam?

05-05-10, 01:04 PM
Beauty waltzes slowly
As the cat purrs lowly
2-stepping across the known verse

The ballerina takes it's cue
The iris changes it's hue

The Sphinx nods knowingly
As the Sky cries snow

Ashes flow from above
As jets roar by.

05-05-10, 02:29 PM
I feel this man approached "being" closer than most. In other words he was pretty much "poetry in motion"

05-05-10, 03:04 PM
Why is 13 so unlucky?
Is it because it is plucky?
Or just more than 12?

Is it unImperial?
Is it unmetric?
Would the Babylonians re-check it?

Does it suit the Witch?
Or belong in a ditch?
Would you become unrich?

Would it prefer a Coke?
Or maybe a toke?

Is it a pubescent?
Or maybe just unpleasant?

Is it black or is it brown?
Is it frown or upside-down?
I't won't say and it won't pray
and 13's surely not a clown.

Is it high or is it low
Will it be enough to go.

05-05-10, 07:44 PM
Did the Mariner across the Sea
have to believe?

Did he have to receive the Sacraments
B4 the Enactments?

Did he have 2 disassemble the bark
For 2 reassemble the ramparts?

Did the men who conquered the Moon
Were they full of Loon?

Did the men who took over Everest
Did they have a Beveragefest?

05-06-10, 01:07 AM
When did the World become a Society
Is it when Man learned piety

When did the Web become a destination
Is it when we learned from that crustacean

Is Our Civilization a Beacon of Light
Or does it just fill the wild-man with fright
I hope it at least banishes the Night
Or else what the plight!

05-06-10, 01:40 AM
Was the first word Hi
Maybe it was Bye
Or maybe it was My
Oh My there lies the rub
And there lies my grub
I hold nothing and everything in the palm of my hand
Infinities that hold lots of sand
Creations and Destructions constantly unfolding
And in my mind emboldening
A constant Question 2 behold
In my eyes are a ripe old
Answer to these Questions anew
A placeholder for it's hue

05-06-10, 02:36 AM
If I am Master of My Domain
Does that make me Sane
It sounds so Plain Jane
One day I'll stop My Reign:)

05-06-10, 04:40 PM
When did I stop 2 grow?
Nobody really knows

I can try 2 climb
An answer sublime

Is it in the trees?
They make me want 2 sneeze

Is it in the snows?
My print lingers b4 it blows

Is it there in a Rose?
blessed with that pose

Or does an Angel in heaven
Mix that kind of leaven?

05-06-10, 11:41 PM
Does the Wind hear
Every time there's a tear?

Do windows gleam
When they are cleaned?

Does the Sky have a clue
That it's blue?

Do the plants know
when they have ants?

05-07-10, 12:51 AM
Why is Lady Gaga a babe
Is it because she makes me blush with shame.
Or is it simply because of her name.

When within the halls the heads are mounted
I know hers will be among the counted
Along with the giraffe and the rhino
Will be her plastered head albino

When her time here is had
And we are all glad
Who will be here to replace
Such a form of disgrace

Will it be a Bieber
Or just Freddy again with a cleaver
Whatever it is it will be
Of so much gore

That I can't wait for what's in store

05-07-10, 09:18 AM
Once upon a tale
When video was on rails
And words were cheap

I was in a hurry
Everything was blurry

I downed half a Guinness
And was left to reminisce.

I came upon a wrung
That was left unsung

Star Wars was in the air
Mr. Dressup was dressed downstairs

China was the Urb
Which left me disturbed

I can't say today
if Yogi and his friends will be OK

Or if I'll be a fool left
In Ren and Stimpy's drool.

05-07-10, 05:40 PM
Ode to Shock Therapy

The lady approaches
To take me from my room
To relieve me from my gloom

As I wait on the gurney
For my turn I listen
For anything
Beeps, yells or movements

There are none
This is a very sanitary operation
I know

But could I here something
untoward for to bestow

As I lie there helpless
They strap me tighter and tighter
The mask slips over my nose
The order comes
Breathe in deeply
And off I go

Whereto I don't know
I just know a lot of energy
Will pierce my brain

Will this really make me sane
Will this melancholy leave me
Or in the end just grieve me

I take an overdose of caffeine at a Starbucks
Next thing I know I am on cloud nine
Turns out the combo of Shock Therapy and Caffeine is sublime

I waste my new-found congeniality on a girl named Pam
Who robbed me and my family of my precious moments and time
I don't begrudge her I just think she was a lime

After sixteen shocks in the head
I think I can say
That I think to pray
Would make me another Day

But don't ask the doctors
They'll tell you for sure
That Shock Therapy
Is the Cure.

05-08-10, 01:05 AM
SHe Is Magnificence

Did She know love would make such a mark
When She embarked

Did She make a joyful noise
Or did She have employees

Did She climb out of Time
Were her words full of Rhyme

Did She sleep while she made the things of the deep
And did She soar when she made the dinosaurs
And did She dance and prance
While She made the ants

Did She come from the Milky Way
Or from somewhere abroad
Was She Him
Was She God

Was She Hot
Was She Cold
Was She something to behold

Was She nice
Or full of ice

Was She crazy
Or was She hazy
When Her eyes were full of bloom

Did She escape every hue
I wish there was a clue

Was She full of light
Or was She subsumed by the night

Is She someone to befriend
Or Someone to fear
It really isn't so clear

Does She make her bed in the Stars
Or somewhere on Mars

When I ponder the great Wanderer
I sit quietly alone
And listen for words that would condone
That when She came to Man
She did have a plan

Of this I know
Upon Man she did bestow
The will and the desire
For Fyre.