View Full Version : Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Comes to New York

06-25-04, 01:26 PM
Michael Sandler ( will be biking through New York on these Days.

7/07/04 (Wed) Ashtabla, Ohio to Buffalo, New York 135.0 Miles
7/08/04 (Thurs) Buffalo, New York to Seneca Falls, New York 119.8 Miles
7/09/04 (Fri) Seneca Falls, New York, to Sharon, New York 121.9 Miles
7/10/04 (Sat) Sharon, New York, to Glens Falls, New York 121.3 Miles
7/11/04 (Sun) Glens Falls, New York to Arlington, Vermont (129.5???)*
7/15/04 (Thurs) South Foster, RI to Millbrook, New York 118.3 Miles
7/16/04 (Fri) Millbrook, New York to West Orange, New Jersey 119.0 Miles