View Full Version : When going on loing vacation, how to get doctor to give you enough pills?

05-06-10, 05:17 PM
The doctor I am going to is pretty bad. Anyway, I am going on vacation for about 3 months. Obviously I know due to controlled substance rules, they can only prescribe a 30 day supply, but obviously, doctors can figure out creative ways around that.

So I went to my doctor today, and he upped my dose from 40mg to 50mg. I have complained how the medication is not covering me the whole day, but he did not suggest a booster or anything other solution.

So I told him I was going on vacation, and then he says that I'll run out of Vyvanse. And I asked him, sort of hinting if there was anything to do, and he said no.

I feel like I got pushed into getting screwed, because now I won't have my medication.

Why can't he just prescribe 2 Vyvanse pills a day? Also, I need a booster anyway, because the Vyvanse just isn't doing what I need it to do.

I am thinking of calling his office and requesting more medication. Has anyone ever done that, and what were your results?