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05-09-10, 03:18 AM
I wrote this in a drunken stupor. One of my first attempts at writing lyrics. I still haven't found a way to fit this topic into a song. This is one of the biggest issues I deal with and everything I come up with just doesn't seem to satisfy me.

Itís a custom,
Itís a fad
To take away the sorrow
We drown it in our glass
Iím longing for a touch
Wanting to give so much
I donít understand why they feel so little
I wait while my love and faith dwindle
I pray for something known
To only one alone
I get no compensation
For what I want so greatly
To hear a few choice words
So I can feel I have a purpose
To live without a crutch
Iím falling further
From what I want so muchÖ