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05-09-10, 06:40 AM
What's everybody else's experience with this? I found that 10mg of methylphenidate at 7:30pm just made sleep at night unsatisfying so I'd be very tired in the day, but then I tried 5mg 45 minutes before lying down to bed and it's helped me drop off a bit more quickly and most importantly in my case, reduced the frustrating mental restlessness I experience beforehand.

As long as I also practise good sleep hygiene and wind down for a while before bed, the MPH allows me to feel something I'm not used to. I imagine it's 'sleepiness'. Tiredness I'm familiar with but I think it's allowed me to feel sleepy, which is different. When on MPH at night my mind goes relatively vacant, passive to experience and just slightly dreamy. There's also a periodic sense of sinking. I think it might be how falling asleep is supposed to feel (hence the word 'falling' in the term - it really is best described as a sinking feeling in my brain).

It's still taking me nearly an hour or more I'm guessing, just not quite as long as usual, and at least I'm fairly peaceful in the meantime instead of feeling hopeless to reduce the mental noise and knowing that I'm only going to sleep when my mind suddenly gives up and shuts down without warning at some point, however tired I get. I might try 10mg to see if it makes the process go faster.

06-13-10, 08:06 PM
I often used to do this also; I'd take 10mg about an hour-ish before I intended to be in bed, and it used to settle my overactive thoughts and jumbled mess other refer to as a brain ;) The only other time I experience such peaceful drifting off to sleep is after strenuous exercise, and I don't just mean jogging for an hour or my usual weights reigime, i mean complete and utter punishment and brutalisation of my body and almost total fatigue of my muscles, so that it's even difficult to move about nomally.

think I'd rather just take the 10mg before I go to bed personally :) but I can no longer do this, as the psychiatrist that I saw last month has taken over 'control' of my medication and removed the IR completely (which i used to take later on in the evening when the XL was wearing off and leaving my system), only leaving me with XL tablets (he told me to take another XL tablet instead of two or three IR ones in the evening) which cannot be split and are too high a dose to take before sleeping.

oh well, gruelling exercise it is then - either that or lie awake for hours watching the sun come up, and then fall asleep...


06-13-10, 10:12 PM
Could you try a cup of coffee?

Or talk to your doctor and explain how you use the IR?