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05-09-10, 01:28 PM
My 4th grade son got in trouble for pinching his ear w/ scissors while working on a difficult assignment. They thought he was trying to hurt himself (self-cutting), but it actually helps him to focus! It's a proven fact that stimulation to the ear channels thoughts and hieghtens attention. He's always twisted his ear or pulled on it when he's deep in thought. To explain to the teachers, he helped me write this poem and the teachers were all surprised because they had never heard of such a thing!

Iím trying to focus
What did you say?
What was the question?
Theyíre all looking my way!

Stare at my worksheet
Read all the words
My brain feels like buffalo
Running in herds

Letters start moving
My mindís in a dream
Everythingís fuzzy
Was it plot, mood, or theme???

Oh YES! It was character
Come up with a trait
No words to choose from
I now have to create

My thoughts are a cloud
Some call it brain freeze
But with a prick and some pressure
The words come with ease.

Thereís something about
Pinching my ear
It makes all the fogginess
Suddenly clear.

It allows me to focus
And sharpens my mind
The answers are now
Very easy to find

When I play with my ear
It might look kind of strange
If you think that itís harmful
Then help me to change

Suggest a replacement
Or something to do
And help me to think
When I donít have a clue

The principalís office
Is the last thing that I need
Show me some strategies
And help me succeed

05-09-10, 01:50 PM
OMG Good for him! Excellent Poem! I hope that shut that nonsense from them up. Oh I am soooo proud of him and I'm sure you are too!