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05-10-10, 10:19 AM
Okay so my daughter has been on Intuniv for about 10 weeks now. She was doing SO WELL that I decided it would be okay to start lowering her Vyvanse dose and work toward stopping it completely. This Saturday was the first day of her lower dose of Vyvanse(20mg) and her regular dose of Intuniv(3mg). We saw no difference. Yesterday, Sunday, she was VERY talkative and seemed unable to control her excessive talking. Hmmm, odd but notable as this was the exact problem we had eliminated with the addition of Intuniv(or so I thought). This morning, Monday, ugh! She was on a thousand things at one time. Now, I know that Vyvanse has a short half-life so I thought the Intuniv was our answer and that we could stop the Vyvanse, now I am wondering if it is the combo that was our solution. We only lowered her Vyvanse from 30-20mg but the difference in her morning and evening hyperactivity is very noticible. I know that the Vyvanse wears off after about 6 hours but it does seem odd that she is now back to where she was before starting the Intuniv. I will have to test this theory a bit longer(at least a month since that is extent of the Vyvanse 20mg rx).

On another note, tomorrow we are taking my 8yo son to get a trial of Intuniv. We were so impressed in how it helped our daughter, everyone keeps asking when we will put him on it. My only concern for him is that one of the warnings is to not get overheated. He plays baseball and gets overheated quite often. Anyone see this as a problem? He also takes Dexedrine and it only helps for about 4 hours.


05-10-10, 10:39 AM
okay , so I'm not sure how to say this but I am debating taking intuniv to help even out my stimulants and help me focus on mundane stuff at work and keep my mood better and help my universal focus without knocking me out. These are the results of adhd in the workplace down the road if you are not up and moving around, sitting down for long periods of time and not learning new material will do this to the adhd mind. Do you feel intuniv helps with mood and focus on mundane things? because that is what I would be taking it for

05-10-10, 10:43 AM
LA, I was wondering about the overheated thing, too. My son (8) has been on Intuniv for two weeks now and with summer around the corner I have wondered about that warning as well. How do you avoid an overactive boy in midsummer getting hot? Or maybe they just need to make sure to drink more water??

I am interested in your results. I have a suspicion that Vyvanse 30mg with Intuniv may be our solution as well. We didn't have luck with Vyvanse alone as far as hyperactivity, but it did help his focus. Intuniv is definitely calming him down but not so much with the focus (I still have to tell him 3 times to get his socks on, come to dinner, etc.). Right now he is on just the Intuniv until we see a psychiatric Nurse practitioner next week. I already have the 30mg Vyvanse (we only used that prescription for 9 days out of 30), just waiting to see if she thinks we need it. Now I am debating what to do tomorrow and about the Intuniv prescription. He definitely seems calm and a little tired on 2mg. Technically we are supposed to go up to 3 tomorrow but I think I'll wait. However, we will be running out of 1mg pills soon (we are just giving him two) so I am not sure what dosage to get a new prescription for, and they are expensive. Ugh.

05-10-10, 11:14 AM
just a quick heads up , antidepressants help with the hyperactivity component too... I know most stims don't do alot for this component but do help with focus... It's kind of one of those tricky areas. I am a functional adult with a post grad degree , I always think crystal clear when mobile, now when at a desk it's a different story that is where the hyperactive, restless component pops up. I honestyly feel an ssri or snri may do the same but have added mood benefits. Your bound to focus better if your focusing on good things

05-10-10, 01:53 PM

We kept Anna(10) on the 2mg doese for 2 weeks before we moved up to 3mg. We noticed a better result with the 3mg. For her the 1 and 2mg did nothing. I never even tried the 4mg.

As for overheating and intuniv, I'm really concerned. I think I will actually call Shire and see what they have to say. Not only will we have baseball for the next 2 months but also football this summer and fall. It may be that he is just athletic and wont be able to take the Intuniv. He has a lot of anger and frustration when his stim wears off. Of course I have found that just because one does work for one it doesn't mean it will work for the other. He cannot take Vyvanse whereas my daughter does well on it.


05-10-10, 02:00 PM

I played pro baseball... I would't be taking intuniv at all if I was still playing sports.. Most especially football which I played all through high school. Just use some logic, you don't always have to call some doctor .... Intuniv is a hypertensive , it lowers blood pressure and could cause fainting, thats not even considering if are playing or involved in heavy sports or athletic training. Don't you feel on a personal level that this wouldn't be good?

05-10-10, 02:06 PM

You know the intuniv is going to make you sleepy for a little while, but for Anna it was only about a week and then a couple of days after each dose increase. She rarely is sleepy in the afternoon like she was when she first began the Intuniv. As for the ability to focus and stay seated- definitely helps her. She is the epitomy of hyperactive. She would stand up in class every 15 minutes and could only do her work while standing and moving. She was in constant motion and also running constant monolog of whatever she was doing. She never had a grade lower than an A and never had any behavior issues. She just COULD NOT be still and sit at a desk, or on the couch, or in the theater, at the dinner table, etc.

I feel the Intuniv helps her control her moods too. Just isn't quite as emotional as she was pre-Intuniv. You are talking about SSRI/SNRIs and that is what Strattera is supposed to be like. For my son it was a HUGE waste of time and money. I know i dont have an adult to compare for you but our ped has had no luck with her Intuniv only patients. I almost want to think the ADHD mind has to have the stim. We shall see.

Now, my husband is ADHD and has been since he was a child. He has taken Tofranil(tri-cyclic) since he was 10. Back then it was either Ritalin or a tri-cyclic. There were not a lot of choices. He has never tried anything else. For him, the tri-cyclic was the answer.


05-10-10, 02:13 PM
Ugh hollywood,

Seriously, I know what you are saying is true about the sports but also, what do we do for his aggressive behavior and anger? I am at a loss as to what to do next. He just seems to have these times when he is totally out of control and easily angered.

But then also shouldnt I worry about the stims and athletics too? they speed you up.

Ugh, now you have me re-thinking the whole Intuniv thing.

Thanks(she says sarcastically but with a smile)

05-10-10, 03:39 PM
I wouldn't worry about the stims honestly with the sports affecting him in a negative way. I'm no doctor, I have a masters degree but I'm no physician.. so always keep an eye on him and make certain he is not overheating or showing signs of exhaustion.. That would be key, but all in all he should be fine , provided rest and the proper nutrition and stays hydrated while playing. I was just really tired on intuniv but that was just the first week on 1mg, I saw some mood improvements and yes I'm a foot tapper and have some hyper issues and definitely cannot stand going to family functions and other stuff because I feel very trapped. I think alot of people dont say why or what the hyperness is stemmed from, if your trapped you must get out! So, I think intuniv may help me in that category. Stimulants in my opinion help with focus but not with the hyperactivity and impulse issue.. that part is different and I feel alot of docs and scientists are starting to understand this more as you can be focused and still focusing on the wrong stuff or still ****ed off and focused which can be the aggression you speak of, it's worse during rebound. I'm 29, ritalin was it for me when I was a small kid but adderall has been around since college. I haven't really got accustomed to amp yet , but I may need to, I need the initial stimulation just to get me started. Yes , you are right. Intuniv rarely works on its own. I take concerta with wellbutrin now, and kind of get in a stuck cycle ... honestly I'm sick of it, way too smart to waste my time.. thinking of going to adderall and trying intuniv. I am inattentive though and thats what concerns me about the sedation. Well, I guess nothing ventured nothing earned. Adhd is something that has to be kept in line.

05-10-10, 04:16 PM
That is so funny, I was going to ask if you were one of those foot tappers. ;-)

From what I have personaly seen with the 3 ADHDs in my house is that the meds will help with the inattentive even if the side effect is sedation. So from the way I see it, you wouldn't be sedated and inattentive, maybe on task and just a little tired. Of course once titrated to the dose you need, the sedation is gone. You know the SNRIs tend to make some people sleepy at first. Once they adjust to their new chemical levels the sleepiness goes away. Not sure if I said all that the way my brain is thinking it, sometimes it is hard to communicate online instead of in person. But I hope you get the gist of it.

Basically with all these drugs, trial and error. Can't wait until the day they can take a blood sample and tell you exactly which meds you need. My poor daughter takes 6 meds a day between her asthma and ADHD meds. I HATE trial and error because getting a kid to explain any side effects to you is like talking to the dog.


05-10-10, 04:36 PM
thanks for your feedback. I feel that stimulants can make me a bit not social while at my current work setting but I don't think that will be an issue once my friends and I start our own business up this time next year. I feel as though I may need to try adderall or vyvanse but just am used to concerta and ritalin and only out of fear of being inattentive do I not make a switch. I get very frustrated being on a computer all day and working with old men, and I get down on myself which is not really like me. For that reason I take wellbutrin with my stims. I am not sure , I guess I need to try intuniv with my stims either adderall or ritalin meds or I should try and stick with an snri.. Currently , I find myself pre occupied with worry thoughts that are based out of boredom. I am not sure which medication to try but for me I know if I got on one it would work on the right combo since my worries are not a huge issue , and improving my social skills while at the workplace probably would be directly linked with countering some of the stimulant side effects or taking something to calm me and my self doubt while in this specific non friendly work atmosphere.. My work is not a place of happy people. So much of this will subside when I leave, but I would like to say I conqured this while I am here.. Not sure which to use. I think an snri would kind of kill two birds with one stone.. worry and lift mood? Yet , if I improve my attention and become less distracted that may help as well .. ( adderall or vyvanse + intuniv)

05-10-10, 11:21 PM
Don't the two medications cancel each other out?

Its not uncommon for children to be immature, and I suffered from many diagnosable problems such as Tourette's, but thats all a part of growing up. Behavior problems should be treated with parenting, not drugs. Only if time is constrained should drug treatment be sought for behavior.

If your kid is overheating, you will not want to use Intuniv.

05-11-10, 08:32 AM
not sure what the heck you mean. So your saying not to take the intuniv and that they work against one another.

05-12-10, 01:34 PM
Good visit with the ped for both kids.

Anna(10yo)- decided after 5 days of Vyvanse 20mg to put her back on 30mg. Some days I want to just stop all the drugs for her. I mean she is 10 and now takes 6 meds a day. The most frustrating of it all is that her illnesses are probably all related. Don't you ever wish you could just stop it all and see what happens?! I wont but still it is just one of those days when I feel extremely disheartened. Current meds(in case your wondering) include Intuniv, Vyvanse, Q-var(steroid inhaler for both asthma and eosinophilic esophagitis), Zyrtec, Singulair, and Flonase. Then there is albuterol as needed. I feel that all her problems stem from a food allergy of some sort but no one has been able to figure out what it is. She has been on some sort of med since she was 4 weeks old. She is so smart and most of her teachers dont even know she takes any meds.

David(8yo)- no Intuniv due to all the sports. We are going to try doubling his Dexedrine to 10mg and see what happens. I'll start that on Saturday. Then if no help we may add a short acting Dex in the afternoon. He has a real problem with the afternoon rebound. Causes him a lot of anxiety/anger.

Thanks all, it helps to vent sometimes.

05-12-10, 02:02 PM
hey realmom, I wouldn't worry about all the allergy meds and count them all. Thats just what it is when you live in the south. You will suffer there , period. If I were you , I'd strongly urge your husband to consider the west coast ( phoenix isn't that far) or you will be spending alot of time with those allergy meds and if she has asthma thats in the same category.

05-12-10, 03:17 PM
Oh hollywood, I'm just whining. But thanks for the advice. Always appreciated. Don't think I could ever leave the south, but I guess I've never been anywhere else either. Woe is me.....(doing a great Scarlet O'Hara impression)

My whining today just goes back to my wishing for a blood test that could answer all our needs. The exact meds we need, what foods to avoid, etc. I hate, hate, hate the trial and error method, but I know it is what it is.


05-12-10, 03:26 PM
yeah ,and I'm afraid blood test or serum samples will never be that accurate and I would raise the shadow of doubt if there was such a exam. I agree it's time consuming but atleast we live in a country that allows help and assistance for stuff like this. By the way I never could get with the intuniv, man that stuff is just too tiring. I don't really understand how it helps one bit especially if your dealing with symptoms of inattention. Good luck with that .

05-12-10, 03:36 PM
Did you try the Intuniv again recently?

05-12-10, 07:34 PM
Nope. Been on Ritalin since I was 13. I am now 28. Finally my doc of 8 years tells me I can take adderall ir instead of xr. I have got stuff done at work, feel calm, not hyperfocused on one thong like Ritalin makes u do. I am furious. Why after all this time did he not tell me that adderall is better for adults. As we adults need to focus on several things and not one and still keep ur personality

05-12-10, 09:10 PM
Do you feel anxious or on edge after it wears off? That was one reason we doubled the Dex instead of trying the Adderall. I had read that one of the salts in the Adderall can cause mroe anxiety after it wears off. Now, my daughter did great on Add but she metabolises them fast and it didnt last long enough for her. And Vyvanse came out a the next best thing at that time.

05-13-10, 08:18 AM
Ummmm... not really , I had that more with ritalin. I'll take that side effect any day though if the symptoms are in check.

05-27-10, 04:30 PM
My 8 yo daughter was on intuniv for about 3 months, she was on 3mg. She did very well at first then it didn't help anymore and we had to add ritalin. I dont understand why i didnt just stop the intuniv then, as for two meds to do the same thing now does not make sense to me. As for overheating thats what made me feel this way...... my daughter was outside playing running around and fainted while she was running, and hit her head on the concrete as she fell, causing a trip in the squad and a 2 day stay at the hospital. I am not not postitve but this never happpened before and the doctors treated for concussion although alot of symptoms were heat stroke. As a parent to me it was not right it never happened so I refuse to take that chance again. Why they perscribe this to hyperactive kids in the summer I don't know. I have never left a comment in these place but i ran acroos this site as i was surfing the web for more info. so i wanted to share my story and i hope it helps.

06-06-10, 09:23 PM
I have been reading your string of posts. I also have a child on Intuniv 2mg for approx. 8 weeks. The intuniv does cause overheating. We live in FL so the only time my child wants to outside is if going in the pool for fear of feeling extreme nausea & a debilitating headache due to overheating. It only took once for this to happen & my child never wants to experience it again. The unfortunate thing is the Intuniv literally seems to have stopped working in a sense. The irritability &anger/sadness is slowing creeping back in. We have had outburst episodes of all of these for the past 7 days in a row. Not sure if she should go up to 3mg or if that is too much for the age/weight of my child. The doc seems to think 3mg is too much, however the doc said that this happens often with Intuniv. All of sudden it just doesn't work as well. As far as food allergies, there are doctors who do "food sensitivity" testing. It is different from allergy testing & has proved to be beneficial to people I know that have had it done. Because someone who has a specific food sensitivity can trigger an emotional/physical effect but not necessarily an allergic reaction. It is done by having a vial of blood taken from the patient & it takes about a week or two to get the results. If you are interested I can give you the doctor in our area that does it and maybe he can refer you to a doc in your area that does it. I am interested to know the side effects that you are having with the different ADHD meds that you have had your daughter try.

12-02-10, 02:08 PM
My son (8) currently takes 20mg of Vyvanse since Jan 2010. He is beginning to have behavior problems and lots of anxiety. Mostly, this is at the same time everyday when he starts to have his meltdowns. The nurse has told me about Intuniv which I am exploring. He does play sports; Football, soccer, basketball. After taking Vyvanse for a few months he began to have these melt downs and we increased the dose to 30mg, which I quickly changed back, 30 made him a zombie. We are going to therapy to help with the anxiety aspect. He also has asthma which he takes albuterol and advair which make him hyper active. He loves to talk and has trouble staying seated.

Any advise/ suggestions would help!

12-11-10, 05:55 PM

I played pro baseball... I would't be taking intuniv at all if I was still playing sports.. Most especially football which I played all through high school. Just use some logic, you don't always have to call some doctor .... Intuniv is a hypertensive , it lowers blood pressure and could cause fainting, thats not even considering if are playing or involved in heavy sports or athletic training. Don't you feel on a personal level that this wouldn't be good?

I don't mean to nit-pick, but guanfacine is an alpna2A-adrenoceptor agonist, that being a HYPOtensive agent, not HYPERtensive agent.