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05-11-10, 03:59 AM
Hi there, My name is Mira and I am a 30 y.o mother of a beautiful 10 month old girl, I reside just near Brisbane, QLD

I wont ramble on with my background ( to be quite honest i dont have the patience for it, lol)

BUT to cut a long story short, I suspect I have Adult ADHD, I have been diagnosed with depression and binge eating disorder as well as anxiety to throw in the mix since i was in my teens, and came across this forum when googling my symptoms, and then was the defintive 'aha' moment, maybe the depression, anxiety and all the other fun stuff is stemming from ADHD, and these symptoms arent the cause. Oh dear, I just rambled.

Anyhoo..... The Drs I have seen when I have brought this to them seem to brush it off and only want to focus on the depression and B.E.D, not the 'whole picture', I have been on pretty much every anti depressant and at last visit, was put on the maximum dose of prozac....which.. helps my mood, but all the other stuff ie; scattered mind, forgetfullness, limited brain function, no motivation, locking my baby inside the house accidentally.....yes....i did that.....near car accidents...pmdd, inability to complete know the deal..... is still all there, and sometimes i get scared to leave the house as i worry what i might do and out myself and my baby in danger!

SO~ what im getting at is, Im after some suggestions for some open minded, adhd friendly Drs in the Brisbane area to kickstart this wonderful journey im going to go on cough cough...ahem.... I have a referral from my previous dr to see a psych, but it only suggests that im resistant to treatment of my depression and anxiety and B.E.D..I dont wanna go to a psych and waste my time travelling down the wrong path...

If I see a Dr who is open to this, than i can continue to see him/her along with the psych

Ok, im over typing now, so any suggestions would be very helpful and much appreciated..


06-21-10, 04:34 AM
Hey - did you find any in Brisbane - I am having the same problem - I just want it all fixed..

06-21-10, 11:25 AM
Why not just make an appointment with a new pdoc and tell him or her your symptoms? They might talk to you about it more and possibly test you for ADHD.

06-21-10, 01:25 PM
You're in the wrong country. Move to Canada