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05-12-10, 04:34 PM
I'm newly diagnosed with ADHD-PI with strong Aspie/PDD-NOS traits.

The ADHD-PI bit covers about 50% of the problems I am able to describe.

Some sort of anxiety disorder - possibly GAD- resolves, say, 30%.

However, I can't get the other 20% to fit under Aspie/PDD-NOS

(now i'm not meaning I can only put a tick next to certain bits of the DSM-iv - I'm meaning much more deeply researched "how it feels to be aspie")

Without going into too much detail on the 1st post, are there any personality disorders that an aspie would identify with more than the others?

As an example, my pdoc used "lack of empathy towards others" as an indicator. To me though, I feel like I have a lack of empathy because years ago I had so much empathy that I could barely live from the pain.

In my mind, there are a lot of examples like this and I feel i'm more likely to have a personality disorder that has ended up giving me an aspie like personality. Or maybe just exaggerated some mild Aspie traits into something bigger.

As usual, i'm not sure this makes any sense but I would be extremely grateful of your thoughts.

05-12-10, 05:00 PM
One thing that jumps out at me is "lack of empathy towards others". People on the spectrum don't usually have a lack of empathy. I can describe myself as being too empathetic at times.

However, the issue that we Aspies commonly have is the inability to express empathy properly. As a result, people get the impression that we are cold and indifferent. There's also the overall difficulty of processing verbal information as well as nonverbal. For me, the nonverbal stuff is almost impossible; processing what people say and responding to it takes all of my effort in a conversation.

If you can identify with this, then you probably do have strong Aspie traits. The two personality disorders that mimic Asperger's are schizotypal personality disorder and schizoid personality disorder.

Both of these disorders are characterized by the need for social isolation.

An individual with schizotypal personality disorder would have unconventional beliefs and obsessive thoughts about abnormal things, usually with a strong interest in the paranormal, and the presence of hallucinations/hearing voices.

Schizoid personality disorder constitutes a general need for isolation and a flat emotional affect. People with schizoid are rarely interested in doing activities involving other people, and have a lack of a desire for relationships.

Note that someone with Asperger's may also develop the desire to isolate themselves due to negative interpersonal experiences. However, this trait must be acquired over time and other Asperger's symptoms must be present, such as difficulty interpreting nonverbal cues and restricted interests.

05-13-10, 04:43 AM
Cheers- this certainly rings true for me. I am definitely over-empathetic but have extreme problems communicating this. if Im watching a program on pet rescue on my own, Im usually in tears. If there is someone there with me tho, i don't seem to be able to access those feelings- hence my confusion about repression.

I am sat at work now - when colleagues talk to me, unless I really concentrate most of what they are saying doesn't seem like words. It's the equivelant of words on a screen that disappear before you have read them, if you get what I mean. It's almost like aural dyslexia. I have a nervous laugh I use a lot to cover up my confusion. I don't seem to be able to take information in that relates to "change", for want of a better phrase.

Im ok with non-verbal but I still have to apologise for things when I have no idea what I've done. I feel like I 'just don't get it'.

Sorry, Im on my iPhone so I can't really review what I've written!

I've read about some anxiety treatments that are commonly used by aspies- Imtrying to work out if i would be worth exploring these as I've not had much luck on the anxiety side.

Also, It seems that my anger stems from knowing that I'll misread/misunderstand my girlfriend so Im already programmed to snap. As if im already getting angry at myself because I can feel a misunderstanding coming my way.

I avoid social situations as much as possible- people tell me i do great at them but I feel like Im acting. I've gone to great lengths to learn ettiquette and manners but in order not to offend people. All of this is done for other people tho because non of it matters to me-again, I don't get it.

People have always thought me aloof and cold- strangely, my friend who is now qualified to diagnose was the one who made me question the empAthy thing in my initial post. She thinks Im too empathetic. Inconsistencies from professionals don't help!!