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05-13-10, 06:59 PM
I'm going to pick up my Brand Focalin IR from the pharmacy tomorrow at noon. I had to special order it.

I picked Brand Focalin, since it's made by Novartis..a great European company that has high standards in making medication.

The generic is made by Teva/Barr and I highly dislike that company, since they make generics out of the cheapest ingredients that they can get..which means more side effects and a bad medication all together.

I'm getting the 2.5mg tablet. I'm sensitive to stimulants so I might take half or so of it to see how it affects me, since I've read on here that Focalin is 2-3 times more potent than Ritalin due to being pure D-MPH while being smoother without the side effects of Ritalin.

I can't wait to try Focalin out and write down what I feel/experience in this log.

05-14-10, 08:01 AM

Very good luck. I hope it works well like it did for me.

getting good medication these days is like anything else really.

do your homework, research, ask around, and even shop around, and find out whats the most effective for you.

you will have better chances of finding the right medication for you, save money and time.

like studying for an exam. you dont know whats going to be on the test but u will increase your chance of passing
by studying in general.

05-14-10, 05:25 PM
I took half of a 2.5mg at 1:14pm and I feel focused without any jitters or pns..I'm happy about that.
I'm starting low with dose so my body gets used to it. I will titrate up when I'm ready.
My doc said to take Focalin 2 times a day and find the proper dose.

Ritalin made me tired, but Focalin seems to focus me more without any tiredness.
But this is a low dose, will see what will happen when I go up in a few days.

05-14-10, 07:46 PM
cool deal man

well focallin is foc us even the 3 three letters say it

like add adderall


you will find the right dose that once you go over it
you will feel dizzy then angry

with ritalin or focalin for that matter if you take too much you would have reverse effects (almost like sedation )

05-14-10, 08:46 PM
Thanks Josh, for all the great info.
I didn't know about the reverse effects, good to know.

I think the focalin has worn off..real smooth though. It's amazing, I didn't feel any crash.

Time to take the second dose now, I ate some food..good appetite.
Ritalin made my stomach feel weird/tingly when I took it even if I ate, but not Focalin.

05-14-10, 08:59 PM
Focalin is already in generic? I didn't know that.

What made you choose IR over XR? My friend takes one 5mg XR if that helps you any, no appetite problems and he eats just as much as I do ( a lot).

05-14-10, 11:31 PM
I'm noticing that when the Focalin is wearing off I get hungry, which is very good as an indicator.
No headaches or bad crashing felt. No heart side effects, my pulse seemed normal.
I feel a bit more thirstier, but that's normal for stimulants.

Tomorrow when I wake up, I'm going to eat a good breakfast then take Focalin and see how it goes starting from a morning dose.

05-15-10, 08:38 AM
with the XR you can not optimize your dose.

because you can not split the capsules.

plus you can not use it as a booster. say 5 pm when you need 3-4 hours then being able to sleep

XR are usually not consistent focalin XR depends on pH just like adderall XR (acid food acid drinks sad story)

concerta and vyvanse are an exception

plus IR are cheaper. And they get even cheaper if you buy in larger dose. say if your dose is 5 mg a day.

30 tablets of 5 mg
instead you can get 15 tablets of the 10 mg and split it in half
which is approx the same price between dosages

so u would save 50%

focalin tabs can be split. small but wont crumble with a tablet splitter

Dont get the generic. One generic by Teva and its trash. its not just less effective. it gives focalin a bad name.

if taken with food. onset would be delayed by 45 min. but its less harsh on the stomach

05-15-10, 04:00 PM
They gave me generic IR focalin last time I used them and they sucked

05-15-10, 10:56 PM
I took my first dose at 12:57pm.
Then took my second dose at 4:21pm.

Everything went well for today. I read a book for a while, which I rarely do.
I confirmed that I eat when it wears off, which is good since I'm pretty thin and Focalin seems to regulate my appetite.
I hope Focalin keeps on working for me after this week, it's the only med that doesn't give me any side effects.

05-16-10, 02:20 AM
Sup nate,

ive been on vyvanse since march but was on focalin for 8 months. youre right about side-effects its really great about that.

i too am very sensitive, perhaps even more than so than you.. I was taking 2.5mg of focalin split up into 4 doses a day, that's like 0.625mg.. INSANE i know, anything more was too much. focalins some potent ****. weirdly, i take 25mg Vyv, the equiv of about 10mg of d-amp, with no problems at all, go figure lol

i actually preferred the generic focalin to the brand. but the circular generics were much easier to break into quarters, that D-shaped brand bills were a pain in the *** for my purpose. also seems the relative weakness of the teva worked out better for my sensitivity; the brand felt like a lil too much. plus i was on the generic for a couple months before my pharmacy ran short for the month i took brand, so i was pretty used to it already.

either way focalin is a really good med, good luck!

05-16-10, 09:26 AM
I used to take Adderall XR, and that worked well in combination with Cymbalta, but after I was off antidepressants, even a tiny dose of Adderall turned me into a quivering lump of panic. Go figure. So we tried Vyvanse and Nuvigil, no good, and I'm now on Focalin XR. It's working quite well, even on only 10 mg. I might stay on the XR just so my stupid insurance company can't switch me to a generic without asking me (which they do every time, which is why I have to remember to tell my doctors to check off that no substitution box on every prescription.)

I'm surprised, in part, because I had tried Ritalin and Concerta before (while on Paxil) and it was like taking sugar pills. I guess something in me needs a balancing agent. But what I'm taking along with it is Aplenzin (which is buproprion), not an SSRI or an SSNRI. . .

I hope that one day this stuff will become more of an exact science.

05-17-10, 01:54 AM
I didn't take any Focalin today cuz yesterday at 10pm, I had these muscle spasms on my back, like by both of my shoulder blades.
They were annoying and lasted for about an hour or so.

I'm going to take Focalin tomorrow morning and see if the spasms start again.
If they do then I'm out of luck when it comes to ADHD medications.
(I didn't work out or do any exercise prior to the muscle spasms)

I really want Focalin to work for me. I'll have to find another med if it doesn't, but I have very little choices to choose from.
OR I could go back on Nicotine/Snus but have to explain it to my girlfriend that normal ADHD meds don't work for me.. I just don't know.
I hope new ADHD meds get invented soon with no side effects because I'm so frustrated with this life of not being able to pay attention to things and getting distracted all the time.

05-17-10, 03:18 AM
I'm really upset that out of all the medical technologies that Big Pharma has, they can't make a proper new ADHD medication with less side effects than the usual ADHD meds..I mean come on.

Most ADHD meds are 30+ years old by now since they were invented OR are just reformulated and sold as new medications but have basically the same chemical structure.

For example:
Amphetamines: Dexedrine -> Adderall -> Vyvanse
Methylphenidates: Ritalin -> Focalin

I'm sick and tired of side effects.

05-17-10, 07:23 AM
muscle spasm can be avoided by exercising and stretching.

like everything else in life, no drug is perfect. I find the best one and adapt.

in my opinion stimulants in general cause spasm its not just focalin because they construct flow of blood

05-17-10, 08:40 PM
Today I didn't take any, since my class was canceled.
I want to restart taking it with me feeling worry free and positive tomorrow.
I worked out a little to strengthen my weak muscles and see if it makes a difference.

I hope my driving won't be affected as my body is not used to Focalin yet.
I'm going to take smaller doses (quarters or even less of a tablet) as tom2228 did and see if that will stop the spasms.

05-18-10, 08:02 PM
I took only a little Focalin this morning and had no muscle spasms, since I exercised the night before and felt a lot better physically overall.

I did well in my class and got this "zeroed in" sort of focus on the lecture and writing down my notes.
Though I felt a bit annoyed by the other people in the room for about 7 minutes..I don't know why.

Exercising when the Focalin is wearing off makes the comedown even smoother for me.

I'm going to stick with Focalin.

05-19-10, 07:20 PM
Today my microdose of Focalin made me feel like I couldn't breathe for a little while..about 5 minutes..I was gasping for my class.
It made me feel very nervous. I drank some water and swallowing it felt difficult for that time.

It might be because I took it on a empty stomach...I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it...maybe.
I didn't have any caffeine.

05-20-10, 10:44 PM
I noticed that my libido is way lower on Focalin.
Normally I'm aroused a lot easier and am "up" without trouble when I don't take any meds. I like it that way.
I know the functions of stimulant medications, but they just seem to disagree with my body.
I think I'm going to call it quits soon with Focalin and make Exercise my new treatment.

05-21-10, 06:09 PM
I officially call it quits with Focalin and adhd meds in general, unless a totally new adhd medication gets released that doesn't affect my body so negatively.

I think I'm going to be using Swedish Snus again.