View Full Version : "Family" a.d.d. and social problems

05-17-10, 05:27 PM
?Hello, here is a summary of my family confusion and add struggles. my mothers side of my family claims to suffer from add and has incredible difficulty being serious in situations where seriousness is necessary.

My mom decided to marry an incredibly serious guy who is all about his career and maintaining a certain persona in society, he is relatively egotistical, more of a upbeat/jock type and is the kind of person who dismisses people who claim to have add and "not so serious" mental lapses as excuses. My parents have been divorced for five years now, I think because of my mothers inability to maintain a normal relationship and awareness.

She is constantly oblivious socially, acts like a child or a "dumb blonde" in situations where she isn't getting attention, and sings and talks to herself all the time. They have disagreed and fought concerning almost every issue parents discuss since I remember as a child. Its almost as if my mom married my father in an attempt to make him understand and embrace her "add" values of her family, when he doesn't agree with them at all in his family values etc.

My moms siblings married more "thinking" and creative types of people who would be more likely to accept and embrace their ways of thinking and attention issues, although they have also struggled considerably in social situations. My situation has been drawn to living in two family worlds and a social struggle mentally. I have the makeup of a more serious, do-er, who lives to socialize, but the mind of a creative, add, thinker. This makes me apparently appear lazy and zoney in situations where people who look like me thrive in.

Zoning out and avoiding social important situations is inexcuseable of course and I don't know what kind of person I can develop lasting relationships with. My moms obliviousness has seemed to been genetically handed down to me, and is causing me serious social trouble. Being in college now, this behavior is considered inexcuseable, but I always resort to reacting to this seriousness in an add/careless manner.

I have had roomate troubles and difficulty being understood by people I'm around for long periods. I'm able to act normal in some situations that don't invlove such seriousness. I feel almost bipolar also in my daily emotions, and feel like I'm constantly adjusting socially to fix my brain in order to think properly, I think as a result of my instability and lack of core values at home. I wasrecently diagnosed with moderate depression and possible add, but I'm wondering what to do from here forward. I'm taking effexor in an attempt to get my days going a little faster, and overcoming the lows of possible manic depression. I'm not sure what my real diagnosis is, and am concerned for my future relationships and career choice.

I have serious trouble finding motivation and interest in things people typically do, I only act as if I am to get through. Any suggestions for what I should do moving forward concerning medication and daily practices to move forward socially and in relationships? I'm just eeking through college because I'm supposed to, and I'm tired of hitting social walls. I just want to know exactly what is wrong with me and what to do about it.