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05-18-10, 06:44 PM
My son is going to start the Daytrana patch this weekend. He is currently taking 18mg of Concerta with a 5mg short acting Ritalin around 1:30 in the afternoon. With this dosage combination, my son is still experiencing "short fuse" behaviors and becoming frustrated very easily. These minor, but frequent, outbursts are not progressing in to full-blown meltdown crying fits like they used to, but he's still feeling frustrated frequently throughout the day.

When he first started the Concerta, it was like a wonder drug. It just doesn't seem to be enough now, but the higher dose is too much. We tried increasing to 27mg of Concerta, and he became very tired and cranky all day. He cried non-stop and was very grumpy.

Now our doctor (a developmental-behavioral pediatrician) wants him to try the Daytrana patch. She likes the flexibility you get with the patch. She says you can titrate the dose easily by cutting the patch in half or using 3/4 of a patch, etc. She also likes the fact that you can leave it on longer when your child is going to have a long day with extracurricular activities, etc. Conversely, we can remove it earlier if not needed.

It sounds like the downside for us will be the fact that it takes so long to kick in, and the skin irritation. My son has very sensitive skin with eczema and other minor allergic rashes on a frequent basis. I'm hoping we'll get lucky and not have a reaction, but I'm not holding my breath. From what I've read, the skin irritation is quite common.

I would greatly appreciate any experience you can share regarding Daytrana. Does it work for you or your child? What side effects have you experienced? Is it smoother than the pill forms of Ritalin (i.e., less rebound effect)? Any ticks (I'm terrified of this happening to my son!)?

Also, if Concerta has worked well, does that mean Daytrana will work well too b/c it's also a Ritalin based drug?

Thank you, and sorry for the novel!

05-24-10, 09:37 AM
No one? Ok, if your child is on the Daytrana patch, what's the dosage? My son started with the 10mg patch, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

05-24-10, 09:59 AM
My son has worn the patch for a long time. He has tried almost all the drugs and could not handle the comedown. Daytrana is the only one that works for him. He is 17 now and it is a perfect fix because he can sleep in on the weekends and still be medicated. When he was younger I had to wake him up to take his pills. It does cover the whole day too. He has gone up and down on the doses and remains on 15mg. His grades are good, making the honor roll, still scattered but you could cover him with patches and he would still be scattered. I just try to keep him organized to help him from being so forgetful. Give it a try! That is the only way you will know. Make sure your son takes it off about 2 hours before bed....otherwise sleep can be tough! Let me know how it goes~

05-24-10, 10:19 AM
Thank you Momofadder! My 6 year old son has been on the 10mg patch for 3 days, and I'm seeing some positives and some negatives in comparison with the Concerta. His mood is much more stable, not so many highs and lows. With Concerta, you could see changes in his mood (agitation, acting sleepy or grumpy, frustration) throughout the day. For the most part, he was happy, focused, and in control, but it was almost like each time the med released throughout the day you'd see a change in him.

With the patch, he's steady all day. The thing is, he's definitely more hyper on this and less focused than with the Concerta. The main issue with Concerta was that we couldn't find the right dose. 18mg seemed to be the best dose, but he was still getting frustrated easily, which manifested as short but loud anger outbursts. We're not seeing as much of that, which is great, but he's definitely not as focused and is more hyper.

I've found that with the patch he has a decent appetite (much better than with Concerta). He's had no trouble with sleeping so far, but he didn't with the Concerta either.

I've got a call in to his doctor to see if she thinks we should increase to the 15 mg.

The drug info that came with the patch says you can't cut them, but the doctor said you can. Have you ever tried that with your son? Also, can you put on one and half patches? I will ask the doc this today, but just curious if you've ever tried that. Thanks again for your response. I really appreciate it.

05-27-10, 06:25 PM
I just started taking Daytrana and have been using it for a month, I switched from Concerta which I was taking 72mg (54 + 18). I love the way I function on it, everything in my life is so much better! On the concerta I was prone to mood swings, as well as stomach pain, and overall didn't enjoy the experience. I actually like taking Daytrana, I can see the results. With concerta I had this feeling that I had to get things done and just do work and overall just get the things done. With Daytrana I actually care about the things Im doing, I want to get them done, and I want to be successful. It allows me to be more clear with my thoughts and actions. On Concerta I was always rushing, with Daytrana I can actually think, plan out my actions, and be more of who I in-vision myself to be.

Btw, best way I found to put the patch on was to be sitting down when I applied them. In my classes I sit most of the day, and if I applied them while I was standing; when I sat they would bunch up slightly. The areas where it would bunch up would them rub against my clothing and the patch wouldn't stick well. Sitting down when I apply it removes the bunching up effect, and it sticks perfectly.

Oh and you can totally cut them, the doctor who prescribed them to me said to begin with that I should cut it in half at first before trying the whole patch.

05-27-10, 06:39 PM
It is just like any other ADD slowly work your way up to the right dose. My son has been on as high as 30mg but is now back down to 15. It is just trial and error.

05-27-10, 07:49 PM
My son is on 15 mg now, and I think we still need to go up a little. He hasn't completed his work at school one time since he started the Daytrana. He's less focused and has more mild emotional outbursts at school (like he used to but not as extreme as before meds), but his mood is more stable overall, and we don't see any rebound effect in the afternoon/evening. He just seems happier overall when he's home but definitely more hyper than with the Concerta. Right now he's using 1 1/2 of the 10mg patches per day just to try and find the right dose. We will be trying two 10mg patches if the doctor okays it.

Spencer-thanks for the advice on the patch application. We'll try that.

07-06-10, 02:52 PM
I just started using Daytrana, and have had some interesting side effects.

I have eczema as well as super sensitive skin, and it hasn't caused any issue at the application site. (Well, except for the redness, but that's normal) The problem I've had, is breaking out in hives all over my body. Some areas look like eczema, but are only breaking out while I have the medication in my system. I called my doctor the day after I noticed it, and they said there was no way it's from the patch, and to continue using it.

If you start noticing worsened eczema, or what appears to be eczema, I'd take your son into the doctor, rather than just call. I feel like the doctor will have an easier time diagnosing the issue and giving you a solution if they see what is actually going on.

Again, this is only what has happened to me. I can only offer any advice on it because it's what I'm going through at this point in time.

08-03-10, 05:33 AM
I love this stuff been taking it for a week it works great comparing from concerta. I ve taking almost all meds from stratera, aderral mix amp salts focalin, but the patch works great, sleep very well, no anxioust feelings, no stomach aches no worries on citric acid, drinks.... I'm 38 years old and boy this should be used for any adult who has trouble with a high metabolism. I hade to take the highest dose but it works great ball day just a small rash but ill just slap one on the but and after I'm done. Ill rub tree oil or any product that will help the little rash bumps but all worth it!

05-26-11, 05:48 AM
My child has been on several different meds (what a roller coaster!!) and we are currently trying Daytrana (1week) so we don't have the emotional crashes of Focalin and the neurotic behavior with Concerta. It doesn't seem to be working at 10mg but we did see a lot of hyperness. My doctor wants us to try two patches (20mg) but I think that should make the hyperness worse?

Jen, what happened with your child last year when you increased the dosage? I am so tired of playing medical roulette with my child! :-(

05-26-11, 10:18 PM
I was on daytrana from ages 17-19, then when I joined the military I had to go off meds. Since then I have gotten back on concerta and it really doesnt to much for me. That being said, Ive heard that the drug itself has been pulled off the market. Does anyone know anything about that?

06-15-11, 10:05 AM
Raiben: Daytrana is not being taken off of the market, it has experienced som recalls. It is due to the adhesive backing of the product. As you probably know, it is a challenge to separate the backing from the actual patch. I am the disignate administrator in my house as my husband cannot get the backing off for our son. Sometimes the medication sticks to the backing hence leaving a lessor dosage. Shire has been good in that they have reimbursed us, but it is so frustrating at 6:30am before school having to go through this everyday! Our current box, with a different lot #, seems to be better. So, yes, Daytrana is available.
The manner in which the drug is delivered through the patch has been a godsend to us. Our son experienced irritation in the digestive tract with oral meds. This does not occur with Daytrana. However, he does complain that the patch can be uncomfortable at times and says it does affect his appetite. He is 6'1"" and 155lbs....definitely a problem for a young athlete. He drinks Ensure and I have to remind him to constantly snack. Hope this helps!