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05-20-10, 03:39 PM
I finally saw the dermatologist about the horrible rash I've had since taking Vyvanse. He thinks I might have Celiac's, which someone on here suggested to me. He's giving me a medication called Dapsone ( and says if it's the right medication I'll feel better in about two days. I have to wait until tomorrow to get it from the pharmacy. And I've just had the Celiac's panel blood drawn, so I don't know about that, yet. And... he's sending me to the Mayo Clinic next month. Maybe I'll finally get some answers. Phew!

Has anyone here found out they had Celiac's in addition to or instead of ADD? Anyone taken Dapsone?

05-20-10, 07:28 PM
There seems to be some links to major digestive and gut issues and ADHD and autism on the fringes of the medical and psych community. Some have coined a term for the condition called "leaky gut syndrome" and there are clinics and practitioners working with children on the spectrum through diet and nutrition. Part of the constellation of issues includes celiac's, IBS, Crohns disease, and other digestive issues. The treatment regimens consist strongly of gluten free, casein free diet, discovering and eliminating other food allergies and sensitivities, restoring the natural bacterial flora balance in the guts, to heal the guts to optimum health. Google Leaky Gut and see what you discover about the issues (including cognitive) that you see. Another part of the problem is that there is a large bunch of serotonin that naturally lives in the guts, so keeping that neurotransmitter in a healthy and balanced environment is a healthy thing to do.

Both my son and I have digestive issues and are inattentive. I also recently developed rosacea, which I link to inflammatory problems in my gut and a less-than-effective unhealthy liver, as flareups occur in tandem. Yuk.

I hope the Dapasone works well for you; I'm sure relief can't come soon enough. Listen to your body and listen to connections your body is telling you about. I hope you report back on what the Mayo Clinic does for you as well. Best of luck Sit -n-spin!

05-22-10, 04:29 PM
My doctor said that only one or two doses would help if it was the right drug. I had one dose last night and today have hardly scratched at all! Still waiting on the actual Celiac's blood test now. I'm so glad we can find this out now and find out for my son so we can get on top of it if that's the problem.

05-22-10, 07:57 PM
Glad day one of Dapasone seems to be helping.

From what I understand, a serum test for Celiac's isn't that reliable. Check with your physician about that. The only way to truly see celiac sprue in action is to take multiple biopsies during an upper endoscopy, and that is if there is a current reaction at that time. In other words, by going on a GF diet for a couple of weeks and letting things quiet and heal, even the biopsies won't be accurate. Keep us posted, and best wishes on this journey.

05-28-10, 08:04 AM
good to hear that from you dude..

01-21-12, 04:17 AM
Some drug may be used for curing of the diseases. Proper consulting of doctor is necessary before using any drug, It should not become a habit of using it regularly. Two or three times is a safety measure and in case of more than that i would like to suggest better going to doctor.

01-21-12, 10:25 PM
I have it.

Get the blood panel and the biopsy. There is genetic testing that can tell you if you definitely DON'T have it, but can't say 100% that you do.

Don't go gluten free until you get the tests done!

That medication won't do anything but help the will need to eat gluten free if you are celiac.