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05-20-10, 06:07 PM
With the one about NLD being the only active thread at this time, I thought that I would start one about my problems.

I have a mild dyslexia. I am in the above average intelligence that has problems only in creative context and reading and writing I get really annoyed with my peers.

Post some stuff about your self and what is affected by it.

05-22-10, 02:17 AM
No one with dyslexia here!! I feel all alone.

05-22-10, 12:42 PM
Not on your own at all, I guess it just takes a while for people to browse through the various subsections and stumble across a post like this (like I did).

I was told (or rather my parents were told, not me - I didn't 'find out' until I was about 14) that I was dyslexic when I was about 6.
My teachers couldn't understand why i was really slow at reading and writing, but had a decent vocabulary and spoke and understood everything that was spoken to me...

It's since been refined to 'visual peripheral dyslexia' after a thorough assessment a few years back and I was given tinted glasess to help me when reading and writing. They're dark blue lenses, and to my surprise (i'm a natural sceptic) helped no end, but I have to remember to have them with me, and i'm prone to leaving them lying in my room or in my car instead of having them in my pocket for when i might need them.


05-22-10, 12:49 PM
like logic said, you're not alone:)

i just didn't want to rewrite something i posted on another thread and had to track it down.

i have no idea what level of severity my dyslexia is, and it causes me far, far fewer problems than my adhd, but i explained my dyslexia situation pretty well here:

cheers and welcome to the forums:)

05-22-10, 01:23 PM
My parents knew since the day I was born that I have dyslexia and add. My dad has it as well. I compair my writing to someone in grade 2 or so. I have almost no fine motor skills.

05-24-10, 11:23 PM
I have dyslexia, teachers noticed it in preschool, got me evaluated and told my parents. My mother went totally wild, and decided that it wasn't dyslexia, just not wanting to read correctly. So she literally beat it into me.

My spelling is not too bad now, when I was evaluated for ADHD my language area was "impaired" and I still get confused with numbers (try telling the general manager that our site spent 26 million dollars instead of 2.6 million... hahaha his heart almost stopped beating)

Anyhow not many people know about my Dyslexia, I think the less people know the better.

05-24-10, 11:33 PM
Well, it's better than mixing up 'b' with 'm,' especially when it came to the stock market (if you haven't heard a while back there was a small market crash, the person mixed billion with million).

05-25-10, 01:09 AM
With the one about NLD being the only active thread at this time, I thought that I would start one about my problems.

There are several threads regarding dyslexia - they may be older though and simply not show up due to your default display setting. You are not alone by any means -

I have a mild dyslexia. I am in the above average intelligence that has problems only in creative context and reading and writing I get really annoyed with my peers.

I have sever dyslexia that effects my reading and spelling a great deal.

I am not understanding what you mean by "problems only in creative context" - does that mean only when trying to write creatively or reading specific types of materials or does it also effect the way you see angles when building some thing?

As far as a intelligence I have enough to pour urine out of a boot with out having to read the instructions on the bottom.

I get annoyed when people assume I am stupid because I have language/spelling /grammar problems.

Post some stuff about your self and what is affected by it.

- Dyslexia effects my ability to connect specific word that will convey my thought - My verbal is not as bad as my written but it is still effected - I have to "teach" people to give me a moment to translate my thoughts into a form of communication they comprehend = words.

I do not dare read out loud in front of any one who does not know me well - I can not pronounce things I read which is why I can not spell them - I phonetically deaf as in completely - The few times I have read stuff out loud it takes so much mental energy I am unable to read out loud AND comprehend what I am reading.

I can read on a doctoral level - complex articles written for doctors, scientist engineers yet be totally unable to recognize a single words above a sixth grade level I read in context - I do not read words but sentences without the sentences the words mean nothing to me. I read slightly slower than other people same education level - I have to go though like a translation process which slows me down a lot. Meaning reading only slightly slower with my LD - without it I would be able to read really fast {like entire books in an afternoon fast} like every one else in my family does -

Writing for me is the most effected - I write badly as in penmanship, my sentence structure sucks, I leave out little words, I can't spell above a fourth grade level without the aide of spell check technology, even then I do not always get it right - I have to select a word from a list of similar and well if I knew one from the other I would not be dyslexic so I guess. I select the word I think it might be but I cannot really tell until I go back and read the selection in the context the paragraph which I forget to do some times - The so the only exception is medical abbreviation

Out side of the question mark and the examination mark punctuation does not exist - commas semi ,colones, and period either do not exist at all or do so in over abundance - I rely on word processing programs to do these things for me and well they are 100 accurate either.

I try to compensate for my dyslexia by use of technology which is why my post are as difficult to read as others but it take me a very long time to type and edit. . .

In school I was labeled retarded - because I could neither pronounce or spell words but I did know what they meant. I was placed into special classes pending testing to see which kind of retarded I was -

I even failed retarded - the deviations between my IQ and my language was humongous - at the age of seven I comprehended on a high school level - now I know why but it was one of the widest gaps the diagnostician had ever seen - As an adult my comprehension is off the charts so to speak BUT my spelling and language use is still in the toilet

I have a severe dyslexia - According to "education experts" I was never supposed to learn to read above a fourth grade level - but my mom was determined to make them liars by putting forth a lot of time and effort teaching me by using all of my senses. . . . . that was 40+ years ago before any alternative teaching approaches had even been considered by "educational experts"

Today what my mom did was use multi-sensory teaching methods and it is one of the most effective means to effective teaching strategies for my type of dyslexia

No you are NOT alone in the ADD/ dyslexic combo department.

05-25-10, 01:36 AM
That's similar to what my dad whent thraugh. Creativity is not my speciality, I can't draw, colour, or sculpt. I have a hard time with anything that doesn't have a greate deal of logic to it. I am greate with math and science. Iould easiely design a building because it deals with shapes and logic.

05-26-10, 06:44 AM
I can't draw, colour, or sculpt.

Neither can I

Part of my dyslexia has a visual component to it also that prevents me from seeing angles as on paper but I can feel angels as in making things with my hands

I am also fond of math and sceince . . . . it sure in the hell beats grammar and literature :D

05-26-10, 10:20 AM
I can guess what an angle is pretty well (with in 10˚). I don't know if this is part of my dyslexia, but I can't catch or throw a ball. I believe it's because i have poor depth perception (or lack of practice, hard to say).

*NOTE- I knew that I wasn't alone, this thread disappeared on me*

05-28-10, 10:56 AM
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Here is a great way to explain dyslexia to anyone.
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