View Full Version : Does intunitiv start working immediately?

05-21-10, 03:32 PM
or does it take a while like starttera? Also what about the blood pressure lowering effects? Do they kick in right away?

I have developed eye floaters from concerta and strattera and I think it is from the increase in blood/eye pressure.

Focalin did it too. Dex, desoxyn, vyvanse and adderall do not

ADHD Ceilidh
05-22-10, 09:25 PM
Starts working a little upfront but improves after 1-2 weeks. Bloo pressure effects are dose dependent and start pretty much onday one but as you reach steady state will become slightly more pronounced followed by your body adjusting somewhat. No reports of floaters that I am aware of.


05-23-10, 01:13 PM
thanks for the response

07-21-10, 05:15 PM
Just wanted to add my two cents. I just started Intuniv for anxiety/lack of motivation so I can't comment on effects, but I wanted to comment regarding 'eye floaters'.

I had a major eye floater problem due to a combination of age and genetic-related issues. I was monitored closely by specialists for a year since there were fears my retina would detach. My docs knew I was on Vyvanse (for 2 years prior to problem) and said it wasn't a factor.

Eye floaters are very common and most go unnoticed. If you suddenly develop a lot of eye floaters, to the point where your vision is obscured, and/or see pulses of light - call your optometrist ASAP.

07-27-10, 01:42 AM
yeah I went to an ophthalmologist. No detatched retina. They couldnt see them either.

I have found some more info on the web and floater in people that are 20-30 are in a diff spot. Either way cant prove it was from stims, but there was a direct correlation so....

How is intunitiv for anxiety and MOTIVATION? My focus is not bad once i start its the STARTING and the anxiety about starting that are issues for me. and my ****ty attitude at work and in general sometimes

07-27-10, 10:10 AM
Huh? Does intuniv or tenex work better than ssri s ? With less sides? Do not need demotivation or sleepiness

08-01-10, 02:02 PM
For you guys using Intuniv, just a FYI if money is an issue.

At Walgreens, generic Guanfacine 2mg is $12 for 90.

08-01-10, 03:21 PM
How is tenex 4 u

02-16-11, 06:05 AM
Concerning the floaters:

02-16-11, 02:27 PM
what if you found out what caused them , if there is a cause. It could be body chemistry or blood pressure variance. What good will the answer provide if you found it? Would it cure adhd, nope. Would it pay all your bills? Nope. Would it go work for you ? Nope.