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05-23-10, 07:04 PM
I'm using 7 (64bit) and my brother's PC (who the printer is connected to) is using Vista (32bit). Here's a screenshot of the main printer settings:

My brother has the latest printer drivers for the printer for vista, and I'm using the drivers for the printer supplied by windows 7. When I try to print a test page it goes through succesfully. When I try to print anything else, the printer will flash once to seem to indicate that it will start and then it will stop flashing and the print job never prints.

I really don't know what do, as I've had Windows 7 (32bit) on a trial in the past and we got the printer connection to work but this time we can't figure it out.

Thanks in Advance,

05-23-10, 10:21 PM
Hey Net :)

Good question!!

I too have win 7 64 bit.

Some applications and uses I must use the 32 bit..that comes with the win 7 64 bit.

But this might not be the case..

Net, what does the 'printer history' read with the print job you were trying to accomplish?

This may lend a hand in giving you a direction on what happen.

*error codes* etc...

Wishing you the best!