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05-24-10, 09:44 AM
Are there any stims that are less likely to exacerbate tics or is it basically like everything else whereby everyone's body chemistry is different?

06-08-10, 07:51 PM
I would go with "everybody is different" but I have to admit, I took my ages to get around to replying to your original post, as I mis-read it.
I thought you meant 'stims' as in stimulating, and stuff to do with making the tics worse depending on certain activities/events, and I was going to write something about how I've discovered the strobe light at the club where I work can make my tics worse, and also having somebody point out that they noticed a tic ("Hey I saw that! poor attempt at covering it up with a nose-scratch or fake sneeze!" etc..) will inevitably make it waaaaaay worse than it was to begin with...

But having re-read your post, many, many times and also reading your other posts, I now realise that you refer to 'stims' as in stimulants.
I think it's definitely a case of everybody is different and will respond in different ways - if we all responded the same to stimulants, we'd all be taking the same dose, same brand, type, etc to achieve the same effects.

Personally, my 'tics' remain the same, coming and going as they please, and are not affected by taking methylphenidate - of which I take both immediate release, and extended release formulations.

I'm not officially diagnosed with tourettes, although my doctor refers to the 'small involuntary movements and spasms' as Transient Tic Disorder as they can disappear for months at a time and then suddenly reappear for an indeterminable period of time - hours, days, months.


06-08-10, 10:01 PM
I don't think there are any stims LESS likely to exacerbate tics, I think it depends on what the underlying cause of the tic is and how THAT cause reacts to stimulants.