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06-01-10, 09:06 PM
I'm not one for buying 'fad' gadgets (such as those ab-boards and anything branded as "E-Z") to help me exercise - I'm content with free weights, swimming, some cardio and full-contact sports, and any variation of those themes... but I was tempted into buying a weighted vest that is aimed at MMA fighters - they come in three weights 10kg, 15kg and 30kg.

I went for a 30kg vest as you can remove some weight if you want, and I figured the others wouldn't be strenuous enough as I do like a punishing workout! :rolleyes: It arrived today, and I've been wandering about with it on for a few hours, I went for a run and did some 'body weight' excercise at home - what a difference it makes. I took it off to do some bag-drills in the garage, and with the sudden loss of 30kg (66lbs/4.7st) i was amazingly agile, light on my feet and felt energised. I outlasted my personal best (which is 35mins full-speed 60% power constant) and achieved 43 mins at 60% power constant. I can only manage about 20minutes at 60~80% power, and less than 10 minutes at 100% power.

If that's confusing, I do 3-minute drills, alternating to 5-minute drills and back to 3-minute drills until I can do no more.
Great stamina/endurance exercise.

I'm going to wear it and hit the weights tomorrow to see what kind of effect if has on that.

Anyone else got/tried anything like this?


mADD mike
06-01-10, 09:16 PM
I clean for a living, and I've thought about getting a weighted vest to wear while I clean. If it doesn't kill me, I've heard that it will make me stronger, lol. My job is fairly strenuous, but ramping it up a bit might really give me a great workout, as I just don't have time or energy most days after work to really get a good workout in.

06-01-10, 10:37 PM
I am used to humping around bags of plaster for a living and when i am not working i stray to sypmtoms galore...

I was going to go on to write that the vest would be a great in'vest'ment for me...but have realised that when i do go out i carry the baby in a harness and indoors he's a free weight...notice the difference there,he gets weighed tomorrow....not expecting him to be as heavy as your vest though!

A back support is a great idea,especially if your not injured already...i wish i started to wear one at sixteen..when all the bags where 3 times the weight as now a days,i was the only one onsite that could pick up the cement bags...through them around like pillows at that age:)

I used to hold weights in the air whilst laying when i was at school for half hour/hour....and had the same effect,light arms faster stronger movement...think this came in handy for plastering ceilings.

06-01-10, 11:17 PM
Oh yeah, I carry around an extra 50 lbs all the dang time! :rolleyes:

Anyway sounds like a good thing! Good luck with it.

06-03-10, 02:08 PM
Did 40 minutes lifting with the vest on today (loaded with the full 30kg), I went for high reps, low weight - so I had 30kg on the bar and did 3 x 50 reps with a small 'break' in-between that comprised of doing strict 'body weight' squats, which works out at 14st (196lbs/88.9kg) plus the 30kg (4.7st/66.1lbs) of the vest, which equalled a grand total of 262.1lbs/18.7st/118.8kg

I did biceps/back earlier on and intend to do triceps/shoulders later on before I go to work - a full split! I left legs out of the equation as I kind of addressed that area by doing the squats with the vest on in between sets anyway.

I'm thinking of taking the weight out of the back pockets (so that it's not uncomfortable when I lie on my back), and using it to help with resistance incline sit-ups too, figure that it's better than holding a weight plate to my chest as I do at the moment.


06-03-10, 03:13 PM
That sounds like a great idea. I'm very active at the gym, but I am not impressed with the lack of functional strength it builds. (It's obviously better than nothing, but I find a build more mass than strength) I have been moving towards body weight based training while still doing the major stuff. (Bench press, deadlifts, rows, and squats)

Try doing one legged squats with a weighted vest. They're hard enough as it is without weight, but I can imagine it would be quite amazing with a vest.

I think i'll eventually pick one up :)

06-04-10, 11:41 PM
Oh yeah, I carry around an extra 50 lbs all the dang time! :rolleyes:

Anyway sounds like a good thing! Good luck with it.

HA! You beat me to it!:mad:

Yeah.. I train with an added 40 lbs... I'm waiting for the day I can train without it and experience that 'light' feeling you describe!:p

Weighted vests have been around for a good long time, they just never caught on with most folks.

I saw one of the old ones a few years ago at a thrift store and thought about getting it... instead, I just spent the extra bucks on a burger and milkshake for that 'homemade' type.:D

Must have worked real well for me because I've been adding more training weight ever since!

06-09-10, 11:21 AM
I went for a run along the beach with it on today, only had 10kgs in it though, as I planned on running the mid-section with the wooden breakers every 500 yards and jumping them. Some were higher than others to my surprise and i was almost on my backside a few times as I narrowly scraped over the beams :o I have a scraped shin owing to this fact - it's still stinging.

Now I need to disassemble the whole thing, as it's ridiculously sweaty and ingrained with sand, so I can put it through the wash.

Thankfully, all the weight bricks are secured by velcro only and not sewn in or anything complicated, so shouldn't be too much bother.


06-09-10, 01:33 PM
What's the brand name of this vest?
What type of material is it made of? Just wondering about washing it.
Is it possible to make your own custom weights that will fit on the vest?

06-10-10, 02:59 PM
What's the brand name of this vest?

It's branded as "Maxi-Vest" I bought mine through Amazon as it was slightly cheaper than the store where I originally saw the advert.

What type of material is it made of? Just wondering about washing it.

It's made from 'cordura' the same stuff my motorcycle jacket is made from, it's tough, durable, has a padded lining, and tearproof/ripstop. There's velcro sewn onto it for fastening the weights into their pouches, so it's all washable. There is a strap that has two metal rings on for adjustment, but that can be removed and sink-washed to stop it clattering about in the washing machine.

Is it possible to make your own custom weights that will fit on the vest?

The vest has 30 pouches built-in, each to accommodate one of the rectangular weight 'bricks' that weigh 1kg each.
I can't say that I've felt the need to have more weight than 30kgs in it, and if I ever get to that stage, I'll just do what I was doing to begin with and strap a burgen to my back loaded with weight to add more.
I wouldn't consider modding the vest to add more to it.

I think if you buy a lower weight rated vest (like the 10 or 15kg versions) it comes with 30 pockets, and you can buy additional weight bricks to up the weight when you want. Although this works out at considerably more expensive in the long-run, I suppose it's more viable than making your own weights to load it with.

Logic (my shin is still sore, I crouched down earlier and rested my weight on my heels, and split it open again - ow!)

06-11-10, 12:05 PM

I have these two.

Can even wear the two at the same time :-)
- though -
that's probably best saved for training in secluded, dark places.

~ps~ don't forget some kinda' anti-nasty smelly microbial stuff growing in your sweaty vest stuff
- available at your local mountaineering equipment store.

I aerate mine after taking 'em out for a grind.

Rule #1 Do not smell.