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06-03-10, 04:07 PM
I just wanted to share my story in the hopes that people get a chance to hear both sides of the story with regards to Ritalin. You hear a lot of negative stories and people dismissing it, talking about all the bad side effects, addiction risks, etc. But you sometimes need to hear about a story like mine, which is still in its early stages but has been very, very encouraging to me.

I'll throw in the standard disclaimer that you shouldn't take advice or action based on this thread. Nothing I say or suggest is a substitute for seeing a real, live professional doctor. Consider this story for entertainment/encouragement purposes only. If you think you have ADHD or need other help, see a doctor. Please. I wish I had addressed this sooner. Anyway...

I am 24 years old. I'm very impulsive, don't think things through, can't sit still, can't focus, can't concentrate, and can't finish what I start, among other bad symptoms. I got my rx for Methylin, 10mg twice a day. I took that first 10mg dose and it really was amazing. I've heard people say it has been like someone turned on the lights, or someone finally gave them glasses that allowed them to see. It really had that affect on me.

Since then the effects have worn off but now I at least know what it feels like to live a regular life free of all the stupid rituals, impulses, and bad habits. I've tried taking 20mg at one dose, and 30mg at once just to see the effects and they were very positive at first but then wore off fast. I'm not going to take above 30mg at one time, and I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday to discuss it with him. Clearly I don't want to head down that slippery slope of addiction and rationalizing "just 10 more mg will do the trick." I will never crush and snort the pills. All things to talk about with my doc.

But overall I would rate my experience very positively. There is a lot of trial and error involved in treating such complex conditions. Which medication do you need? Which dose? etc. I view this initial trial with Methylin well, because it showed me some pretty obvious and sharp improvements in my overall health. It gave me some hope that yes, I can be cured and lead a normal life with relationships, a steady career, my own home, etc. Even if it does not work long term I can at least have something to compare future meds to and see what works best. It's a discovery process, and I finally have started my way down the path to wellness.

06-03-10, 04:50 PM
I take Ritalin for Vestibular Migraine, and like you, it was like turning a light on...or in my case, off. The visual auras stopped and the dizziness was so minimal as to be an almost non-issue. With time, however, I've noticed the effectiveness has decreased and will be discussing options with my neuro at our August appointment.

Now - just recently, I can add ADD to my list of dx's - and wonder if I'm not compensating becasue of the ADD or if my ADD seems worse lately because of the vesstibular issues.

06-03-10, 08:30 PM
Let your doctor tell you the best way to regulate your dosage. If you're taking an immediate release, you may well need a higher dose, but not all at once - just more frequently during the day.

With most of these, the duration of the effect doesn't change with the dosage. They work for however long they work. And any changes in dose, up or down, often have to be done gradually to avoid any negative effects.

But it's great that you're having a good result. What you're describing is pretty much what's hoped for. Don't expect miracles. You'll have to get to a level that helps you focus, and then start working on the changes you need to make in your behavior to improve the quality of your life. It sounds, though, that you may have been one of the lucky ones to get it right the first time!