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06-03-10, 05:13 PM
Walk Like a Duck
I went about preparing a nice fire in my newly built fire pit so that I could sit and reflect on some of the wonderful things that God has surrounded me with. I SO enjoy where I’m at. These are the moments I cherish most - when the day settles into dusk and I visit with Him in my garden.
Not 30 minutes before, I candled Howard (our female mallard)’s eggs to check for life and marveled at such perfection. It’s been a time of ’didja knows’ since they were first laid. For instance, did you know that eggs are kept at an even temperature of 105 degrees by their duckmama? She can do this without benefit of a thermometer. Did you know that the mama duck knows precisely when she must turn her eggs so that her babies will gestate properly? She does this without a timer or calendar.
I’m contemplating this when Howard comes off her nest to visit with Lola by their little pool (they live better than we do, actually) and I let my imagination take me where it will. Suddenly, I’m eavesdropping on a lover’s conversation.
"Lola - did you see that human was back at the nest, just now and did you see how she looked when she came out? Do you suppose there's something wrong with one of our babies?"
Unwilling to see his mate suffer with worry he gently clucks back, hoping, I think, to calm her.
She swims quickly around the pool, frustrated at his attempt to make it a non-issue.
He quickly apologizes because, in Duck World, not only are the males prettier than the females, they aren’t afraid to ask for directions AND they can admit when they are wrong. Who knew, right?
And because Duckdom females are so much more forgiving that their human counterparts, she does more than just graciously accept. She gets out of the pool and leans up against him, rumbling deep in her chest. I imagine that it's a form of Duckese that transcends duck words - a conveyance of feelings, feather to feather. I feel compelled to turn away just a bit - the moment is so intimate.
Before long, they splash into the pool together beneath the glow of the moon, cherishing their time together. I smile because I know they're smiling and it's contagious.
"I have to get back to the nest, Lola."
With a slightly raised voice, he tells her how he has missed her since this 'whole nest thing started'. "I feel like you've been sitting that nest since the beginning of time!!! As badly as *I* feel about it, I can only imagine how it must be for you, Howard - sitting in this heat, surrounded by hay and hardly ever coming out to wade. How dreadfully miserable you must be." Duckdom males are deeply compassionate creatures, you know.
"In just a few more days, Lola - I'll come spend my time with you with our hatchlings.", because she cares deeply about his loneliness.
"But you've never done this before, Howard. How do YOU know?!"
"Why......I'm not really sure. There's this something, deep inside of me, that tells me this is true. I can't explain it. It draws me to the nest, it instructs me when to turn our little egglings. It's really pretty awesome, you know
I reign myself in, wondering what good this train of thought is doing me and I scold myself for not focusing on prayer - my communion with God. But the last thought won’t leave me. Why does it strike me so?
And then I see it - the natural, core drive to rightness. It’s not cultivated - it’s inherent. Would God equip ducks with this draw to respond to God-given direction and not bless us with that same ability? Absolutely not. The fact is, in addition to this draw to what is right , He has also chosen to give us the freedom to make choices, including to lean to the world as opposed to this center where the Divine directs us.
As my family tucks itself in and the lighted windows go dark, Lola busies himself with walking Howard to her door, I close my eyes. I don’t hear any little voices - but somewhere deep inside, I sense an inexplicable balance - a fullness - a ‘rightness’ about this quiet moment of spiritual meditation.
“Become as little children…” is repeated throughout Scripture as plea to be mindful of our original state of creation - with our God-breathed call to inherent rightness, untainted by the burdens and sins of our world. Despite ourselves - it continues to live in us - and can readily be found if we choose to 'become as little children' .....or to walk like a duck.