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06-07-10, 06:34 AM
Arghh, I was really liking Folican more I think as opposed to Adderall, but the only bad thing about it is the killer-headaches its giving me during the come-down. I don't think that's a side-effect I can live with. So Im wondering if anyone else had them in the beginning, but found that they subsided with time?

Im very sensitive to medication, so I was prescribed 2.5mg for two days and Im supposed to be trying 5mg today. But.. not if its gonna give me more intense headaches!

What I like about Folican is that it gives me motivation and focus, and calms me, while Adderall gave me focus, and but a more hyper/excitetory motivation. Basically:

Folican: Okay, got stuff to do... lets have it :)

With Adderall there was practically no come-down. Just after a while I start to notice I don't feel it there. Quite smooth I guess.

But with Folican I know its wearing off because of the headache. So yes, can anyone share their experience? If it helps any I have generic by Teva.

Also, does anyone know what the equivalent of Folican is for 10mg Adderall? And how many mg exactly does 5mg or 2.5mg of Folican equal to Ritilan?

Thanks guys :o

06-07-10, 06:18 PM
Is this Focalin section dead or what, lmao.

06-07-10, 07:43 PM
mine did about a week after I started it.

06-07-10, 11:21 PM
I had headaches for about three weeks. No problem anymore.

06-08-10, 01:22 AM
Thanks guys! :)

06-11-10, 02:26 PM
I had the opposite experience. Headaches when Dexedrine or Adderall wear off but not with Focalin. Dexedrine gave me bruxism for first month or so, but wore off. After trying Focalin I tried using Dexedrine again and found the bruxism comes back if I haven't taken it in a while. BTW, headaches can be caused buy muscle spasm. I think my body just had to learn how to relax as drugs wear off.

Similarly, I found that my heart races sometimes when the stimulants wear off. I asked my physician about it and she has other ADD patients with this side effect when stimulants wear off. She described it as a kind of tachycardia that comes from the heart having to work harder now that the drugs are gone.

Sometimes I have side effects like anxiety or jitters when drugs wear off but when I eat something I discover it is because I didn't eat anything all day (due to appetite suppression). I keep protein drinks and protein bars handy at my desk for this.

I'M NOT A DOCTOR! That's just my experience.

06-20-10, 09:39 PM
Thanks for your detailed reply and for sharing!

A few days after I posted this thread my headaches did in fact go away gladly. But sadly It seemed the 2.5 stopped doing anything for me after a week. I forgot to take it this last week as Ive been super busy and now I have to go back for my check up appt tomorrow and I wont have much to share haha! I only tried 5mg once and I need a few more times on that to see what it does for me.

And I got the racing heart when my adderall would wear off, so I know what that's like. kinda startled me in the beginning, though. Not a very fun sensation. None of that with Focalin though.

And thats very interesting about you being able to get rid of the come-down anxiety by eating. Im sure a lot of other people here could benefit from hearing that. Gotta eat!

07-07-14, 07:27 PM
Eating for the comedown anxiety really worked !Thanx! Hopefully the headache will go away for me too iv been on it a week 2.5 mg 2x a day and the headaches are killer :(