View Full Version : Finally managed to get a referral!

06-07-10, 02:08 PM
After years of wanting to go to the doctors about ADD (no exaggeration) I have finally plucked up the courage to go see my doctor.

Although a little shaky and nervous, I managed to say almost everything I wanted to and managed to get my message across about my concerns. He has referred me to the Linden Centre in Broomfield nearby, thankfully so I can still get to their by bike.

I am so relieved that this has finally came around and a professional has acknowledged my concerns, even if it takes weeks to get a reply back from the centre it is better than how in the dark I had felt before today. I'm really gutted that I hadn't done all of this a few years back when I could have had a chance to get everything together and actually get some decent grades for myself.

Anyone know how long referrals usually take? I like having a brief idea of what is to come.