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06-08-10, 07:54 PM
I don't mind going to the program but I hate utilizing the NP/Pdoc services. First, I never "officially" see the pdoc in his office, and when I do start getting symptoms I go get help for it.

Friday my anxious symptoms started, I told Mom Sunday night, she was concerned obviously, so Monday I went to the general doctor. That's where I got the 'script for Xanax .5mg PRN.

Today before I even see the NP, I called my case manager about it because I know she has to be aware of what's going on and the new 'script. She said I did the right thing.

I see the NP, and "she puts me down for what I did". She tells me I shouldn't use the Xanax, rely on coping skills, I have to let her know what skills I'm using, I have to make a friend, go out for walks, and she said she was going to put the papers I handed her to the pdoc so that he can what I consider 'talk to me'.

Now I fear that I'm going be reprimanded twice. I don't like this. Every time I go and do what I feel is right, I get in trouble by the NP and/or the pdoc.

Another thing the NP said was that I was going to end up back in the hospital again because I'm adjusting my medication again.

I just want to give them up and use the psychiatrist that I use to go to. I was told months ago I could use her as long as she was willing to take me back.

What should I do?


06-08-10, 10:02 PM
What's an NP?
I'm still getting used to some of the acronyms. (Took me a week to figure out pdoc...Duh!)

06-09-10, 04:58 AM
Give what you wrote to your mom. Surely she'll not want to see you stressed out by the people who are supposed to help you. "go out and make a new friend"?

geez.. does she get it or not? You did not prescribe anything to yourself, you described your symptoms and were treated, why is she blaming you for the actions of another DR?

Your mom needs to tell that nurse practioner to mind her own business. She's clearly not a pdoc so why is she undermining your pdoc?

You need to tell you mom.

06-09-10, 05:28 AM
Ginnie is correct.

Are you "stuck" with this doctor due to insurance limitations?

Because in the past when I run into a doctor who is giving me problems I just go to another one. I walk out the door of the docs, and call another one to see if they will be a better fit. (However I know not everyones insurance allows them the leeway to do this.)