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06-09-10, 02:01 PM
This world is a hard world people floating around without any wings , we got people running around like dead human beings. As I walk through this empty place I wonder if this is the world for me. Could it be better could there be more to this place than what my eyes see? My eyes are heavy and it's hard to keep them open. The world at night becomes day to me. Day becomes night as the sun shines and I lay my head down. As the old grave digger begins his work the sun begins it's decent. The air is cool and there is no light. He works hard through the night, for in the morning his work will be seen by sad folk hidden behind dark clothes and dark shades. He sets his stage and gets ready for the performance that will commence. Everything must be in order and prept for the sad folk. The hole is deep and cold. Every piece of earth he moves is carefully placed to the side and strategically positioned to look like something it's not. He fights to stay awake and fights fatigue. The sun starts to rise and the old grave digger knows he hasn't much time. He has met very many different people in his line of work and carefully tucked them away as they rest. It's quiet and still as he descends his newest crate that holds the sad folk's most precious posseession. He has seen big long crates and small short crates. With each crate he handles it as if it was his own, but who will lower the old grave digger's crate? Will that person take as much care with his crate as he has the many years he has worked?*