View Full Version : I need a little assistance from Members in the Chicago area

06-25-04, 01:19 PM
Michael Sandler ( will be biking through Illinois on these Days.

7/01/04 (Thurs) Sigourney, Iowa to Roseville, Illinois 117.4 Miles
7/02/04 (Fri) Roseville, Illinois to Fairbury, Illinois 120.4 Miles
7/03/04 (Sat) Fairbury, Illinois to Peru, Indiana 135.5 Miles

07-03-04, 06:42 PM
Afternoon everyone,

We've just met with Michael Sandlers who is now beginning his journey towards the Chicago area. If you do not yet know who he is...he's a great and wonderful man who I get the honor to call friend and he is riding cross country on his bicycle in the name of ADD and ending his journey in D.C. to speak with poloticians about ADD awareness.

He is in desparate need of the padded bicycle shorts that are sitting in my post office and I have no access to until Tuesday. If any member would be willing to let me priority ship them and deliver them to Michael I would greatly appreciate it and I promise the meeting in itself will be a major BONUS.


I'm including the link so that you may see were he is and what he's up to since we are still in contact with him.