View Full Version : SAM-E and Adderall together?

07-04-04, 01:34 AM
Can you take SAM-E and Adderal together?

I take SAM-E and I have always feared taking Adderal with it. What's the deal?

07-04-04, 04:59 AM
Hi, its probably fine, Sam E shouldn't react negatively with it. But you can go to and go to "safety checker" to find out. You can also look under Sam E and see if there are any drug interactions with it.

07-04-04, 11:51 AM
Yeah, I've looked and found nothing. There is nothing negative on SAM-E on which is good and bad. I need to find out though because I am on it right now and I need to know if I need to get off it before going on Adderall.

07-04-04, 12:35 PM
This is something that you should definetley talk to a medical professional about. Many over the counter herbs and supplements do interfer with prescription medication. They have just recently found out that something as simple as too much calcium can interfer with prescription medications.

This not to something to just ask people about online this is a serious matter which should be addressed with a medical professional.

07-04-04, 12:53 PM
If your answer is "go to a medical professional" for everything, then don't reply please. That really doesn't help me.

07-04-04, 05:01 PM
So DON'T see a doctor. See a pharmacist instead. At least talk to someone who actually has a medical degree and training to understand how and why certain ingredients will or will not interfere/interact with your meds.

By the way, Nick...check your attitude at the door. It's not appreciated here, and will not be tolerated. You've been warned.

07-24-08, 05:58 AM
Yeah, I've looked and found nothing. There is nothing negative on SAM-E on which is good and bad. I need to find out though because I am on it right now and I need to know if I need to get off it before going on Adderall.

I seem to have had the same issue, I have all the symptoms for Type 2-Inattentive and Type 5-Limbic ADD. The addition of SAM-e to the rest of the meds has been like magic!! There seemed to be a high heart rate early on but seemed to die down later. Focus is better, ability to transition back and forth in crowded rooms and I'm also able to be social. There is no mental block when writing and no lack of confidence or second guessing. All in all, the depression is lifted but the focus has improved.

I checked my Blood pressure and pulse at the doctors today and also asked for advice on interactions of SAM-e and L-Tyrosine with Adderall and Wellbutrin. The doc has advised me to continue....
I'm taking Wellbutrin SR - 300mg at PM
Adderall XR - 30mg at AM
Tyrosine - 1500mg -- 500mgX2 in the afternoon (3pm) 500mg at PM bedtime
SAM-e -- 400mg at AM with Adderall -
Also DHA 2 caps and EPA 4 caps in the AM
1 Multivitamin - AM
Diet- High Protein Low Carb - No exercise yet
46g of Soy Protein Isolate 2 servings of 23g each - 1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch

Thought I would share my experience, hope it helps you.

07-24-08, 07:54 PM

The "go talk to a doctor" advice is great advice usually. It means the person is saying don't rely on us for this, because it's too technical and too important.

And by the way, no need to hide any of these "supplements" from your main doctors. And I'm guessing that you are NOT telling your doctor about them, because otherwise, he'd give you the thumbs up or thumbs down.

There is nothing wrong with telling a doctor I am trying a supplement. Present the dose and the frequency. The doctor is a paid employee of yours! ... If he acts like a jerk, fire him and move on ... You are hiring him. Do not let him intimidate you into not getting good info from him.

USE HIM! (figuratively and literally).

07-24-08, 10:52 PM
I hafta reiterate the "check with your doc" because it's important that they know everything you're taking.

That being said...

I took Sam-E for quite a while and never had any negative side effects or drug interactions. I never took it with Adderall (was on Lamictal by then so off the Sam-E) but I've taken it with a lot of other stuff (psych meds and otherwise) and never had a problem.

Sam-E has a very low incidence of interaction with other medications and side effects, generally. Much lower that most other supplements.

How much Sam-E do you take daily?

07-07-17, 08:48 PM
Okay-so I am taking SAME and the adderall instant release twice a day. (ADD and possible narcolepsy) They had me on extended release, but it wasn't working after 3 days. So now I am on this instant release twice a day. Well at full dose the crashes and coming down are TERRIBLE. I take half now. I work 12 hour shifts I come home- I sit in bed-I cry and am exhausted-don't eat dinner and just lay in the room until I fall asleep. Now I am taking the SAME-which btw-I asked a pharmacist about the drug interactions and they said none that they were aware of. far it works good. None of that used up terrible feeling. And- before the SAME I had asked my dr about the L-theanine and they weren't sure and hadn't heard of ADD people using it to help smooth out the crash and had to look into it. I didn't try L-theanine-I am used to using SAM-E. The only side effect I have from it is just usually headaches-but then again the adderall already causes headaches sometimes regardless-so it isn't anything I am not used to.
Now granted during this time-medicine change to instant release-I am going through some stupid crap at work where I am working these long 11-12 hour shifts and not always getting lunch breaks (gotta love veterinary medicine or any kind of medicine to be correct) and just the weeks have been terrible so that's not helping much either-but the Sam-e helps me to function with the adderall. No more awful crashes and happier through out the day. So I wish you good luck on it.