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06-18-10, 01:13 AM
At the beginning of the year, I started seeing a new psychiatrist. He diagnosed me with OCPD and ascertained that it was my main issue. He said he wanted to focus on that first. My AD/HD would have to wait until my OCPD was more manageable. I was and had been self-medicating with cigarettes and coffee. Both contain stimulants. AD/HD is usually treated with stimulants and those come with their own set of side-effects.

When I seemed stable on my medicines, I had a stroke and after that, my psychiatrist took me off of one medication (Provigil) that was intended to improve my AD/HD symptoms and counteract some of the side-effects I experienced on Prozac and decreased the dose of another (Prozac). While I was in the hospital, I was not permitted to smoke, so the nurses put me on the patch. I continued not to smoke because it could have contributed to my stroke. Nicotine is a stimulant and therefore it is a vasoconstrictor and it could have increased my blood pressure. Smoking itself also increased my clotting risk and combined with Yaz (a birth control), it increased my risk of dissection, which caused my stroke.

My AD/HD had been frustrating me for the entire time I had been seeing this particular psychiatrist. I pleaded with my him to prescribe Vyvanse (a stimulant) for me as I had had previous success with this medication. However, he said that stimulants can contribute to strokes as they are vasoconstrictors and they increases blood pressure, so he prescribed Strattera for me. It is a non-stimulant that acts like one.

When I reached the target dose of 80 mg., it seemed to help some, but insufficiently, so I went up to 100 mg. That was almost three weeks ago and my progress seems to have plateaued. I am at the point where I am desperate for relief. I don't think I can wait until my next appointment - it is almost another two weeks away.

My frustration with my AD/HD turned into anger directed at my doctor. I belligerently believe I ought to be the one who ultimately decides what risks are reasonable. I see it as my sole responsibility. My anger degraded to depression.
My significant also suffers from AD/HD (he is the hyperactive type, whereas I am the inattentive type). He started to see the same psychiatrist, shortly after me. Our psychiatrist routinely prescribes Vyvance for him. I am envious of Andrew and my envy is evolving into anger directed at Andrew.

I broke down and bought cigarettes yesterday afternoon because smoking improves my AD/HD, albeit a short time. My husband. suggested that I phone our psychiatrist the next day and ask to him to set a sooner appointment so he can address my problems. For convenience, my husband Andrew and I have started setting our appointments back-to-back. That way, we only have to make one trip and can converse while we're in transit. Sometimes we also sit in on one another's appointments. This is one of those time when I want him there. I am concerned that if I set a sooner appointment, I may have to be angry *and* alone.

06-18-10, 01:14 AM
This afternoon, I had an appointment w/my neurologist. I wanted the opportunity to ask her if she had any objections to my taking a stimulant to alleviate some of the symptoms of my AD/HD.

She had no problem w/me resuming Provigil, which is the stimulant my psychiatrist put me on earlier this year and subsequently took me off of after my stroke, and/or Vyvanse, which is another stimulant my old psychiatrist prescribed me late last year. My neurologist told me that she would talk with him. I asked her to call me afterward and as soon as I hear from her, I will ask my psychiatrist to set another appointment.