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06-19-10, 08:49 PM
I guess with myself, there's a little fustration about my son's development into adulthood. I don't know how he's going to make it.... but I have to have some faith in him because he has made it this far. He is lucky.... to be in a school that effectively encourages him to thrive in his courses. A school that will put up with carelessness, forgetfulness, and quirks and still reach out to push him further.

His regular pdoc is on vacation and I brought up some of the issues I was seeing as we quickly talked about accomodations in college and his maturity. I asked about doing a full scale neuropsych test as well as determining if he has asperger's... because of his high processing speed, sensory issues, and more obvious now... lack of reciprocity and empathy. Not that he doesn't have any, it just takes a lot of time for him to process before he can reciprocate or understand what the other person may be feeling and I'm talking about simple things like a friend who wants to have a conversation with him or the other person is becoming very angry with the teasing.

I felt the sub pdoc was a bit overwhelmed with covering the other doc's appointments and a bit rushed. She thought perhaps he had a sprinkling of Asperger... but why did we want a dx? I thought to myself... Well, wouldn't it help him in the future? She continued to say, he is functioning to where he doesn't need therapy and he will probably mature socially a bit later. She also didn't suggest the neuropsych test because, he obviously doesn't have a slow processing speed which a neuropsych test would determine and help obtain more accomodatios or modifications.

She mentions that people with the characteristics as my son will accomplish things on their own time, when they want to. She gave me an example of Bill Gates who she thought may have a touch of Asperger, who didn't follow the norm, and accomplished things on his own time frame.

Maybe this post is just a rant, because I'm a bit fustrated though I am trying to understand why he doesn't proceed to learn to drive, get a job, or do something with his free time that doesn't entail being in an unmedicated fog repetitively playing some sort of game or tv watching.

07-01-10, 10:06 AM
I She thought perhaps he had a sprinkling of Asperger... but why did we want a dx?

Why you want a dx!!!!

Because he's a person too who at some point will want to try and understand himself better and maybe it may help him make sense of the world.

You are entitled to rant. If this was me I'd have said that clearly she has no understanding of the condition and what it's like to be different so maybe she should choose a different profession.