View Full Version : Has anyone tried Vinpocetine for chronic pain?

06-20-10, 04:25 PM
I saw this article on Science Daily and had my husband try it for his chronic joint pain; but it doesn't seem to work well for him. I was wondering if maybe it would work better for muscle pain? It's effects are primarily anti-inflammatory. Guess his joint pain isn't inflammatory, which sounds odd to me.

06-20-10, 07:36 PM
No, I have never tried this for chronic pain, nor after reading about it would I ever take it for anything. Joint pain is usually bone on bone pain and even real anti-inflammatory drugs are pretty much useless for this kind of pain. Plus with taking any anti-inflammatory you will always have to worry about getting holes eaten into your stomach over a long term period of taking them. If he is in serious pain and it is chronic, he needs to be seen by a pain specialist and prescribed narcotics. I had ten surgeries for giant cell carcinoma and have been on different opiates every since. Best of luck to you!!