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07-07-04, 12:54 PM
I'm 60 yr old male - have adult ADD - terribly disorgaized - procratinate work assignments leading to losing job or poor eval - need help - am on effexor and adoral - soon to switch to Ritylin (sp)
Any life coaches or support groups in Ct - willing to travel within 25 -3- milr radius of NewMilford ( located 12 miles north of Danbury)
Thanks for any help -- new tothis site today

07-07-04, 02:10 PM
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Welcome Virginian!

07-07-04, 02:13 PM
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07-07-04, 03:26 PM
I'll look it up when I get home. All of my info is for the Hartford area.

07-07-04, 05:54 PM
ADD Coaches & Counselors in your area:

Dr. Steven Karashik, Psy.D., FABMPP
Karashik & Associated, LLC
152 Deer Hill Ave
Suite 104
Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 730-2180

Insight Counseling, LLC
109 Danbury Road
Ridgefield, CT 06877
(203) 431-9726

Support Group:

Greater Danbury CHADD
Tel: (203) 790-8654

The only other support groups in CT are out of your range. Big has listed them in another thread in this section if you want to check them out anyhow.

07-08-04, 12:22 PM
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07-26-04, 06:20 PM
Hi Virginian,
I'm in Milford, CT and I'm looking for a support group too. Have you tried the Danbury CHADD group? It'd be a long drive for me, but since I haven't found anything closer I might go anyway. But I wonder if the CHADD meetings are for parents of ADD kids or if they're actually geared towards ADD adults. Do you know anything about their mettings?

There is a site called meetup that facilitates meetings of people with common interests. The add meetup site is
Unfortunately, there aren't enough ADDers signed up in CT to have a "meetup" ...but the more people who sign up, the better. :rolleyes:

I'm using an ADD coach based out of Maryland --it's all by phone, so location doesn't matter. There are a few coaches listed in CT though --let me know if you want that info ...I'm sure I've got those links bookmarked somewhere on my computer, it's just a matter of digging them up. :p

08-15-04, 08:29 PM
Well I just checked the Danbury CHADD webpage says they are temporarily closed, pending a replacement chapter coordinator. *sigh*