View Full Version : Daily De-clutter (and clean)..... Wednesday, June 23rd

06-23-10, 08:23 AM
Good Morning,

Well, I goofed yesterday on my laundry plan. I put away SOME of the little ones stuff. It was going very well when out of the blue I thought.... "this is easy, why don't I just bring that laundry mountain that's in the spare room in here and sort through all of it too. Shouldn't be too hard" Hard it was not, but it was most definitely time consuming and I didn't get it finished either. It's all separated according into main categories now for the subcategories. I went from "I'll go through and put away one basket of that stuff a day" to "why not do it all" So now I have even MORE laundry piles that require yet more sorting


continue to battle the laundry beast that I've been feeding and caring for since it was just a tiny sock
take breaks from that to do other much needed stuff (dishes anyone?)

What are your plans today? Make it a WONDERFUL Wednesday and remember KEEP IT FUN! (to quote Ord from Dragon Tales: "Find the funny, find the fun and the work will soon be done" )

06-23-10, 12:30 PM

The laundry!!!!

It is sitting by the front door thanks! :)

I have SOOOO much I really must do in June and have done almost none of it. I disappoint myself sometimes (way too often).