View Full Version : I wish I could shut off my brain.

06-24-10, 05:41 AM
Over the past several weeks, my sleep has been getting worse again. I've been up since 3:18 this morning. Took a half milligram of xanax. At 4, feeling nothing from that, I took a generic Sonata (I'm going to try to get the brand name. I know that worked for me before.) At 4:30, I moved to the sofa in the family room. And here it is, 5:30, and I'm making myself breakfast while the rest of the family is still snoozing.

What happened? When I woke up that first time, I had slept just enough to make it difficult to fall back to sleep. In the time that I was waiting for at least one stupid sleep aid or another to kick in, my brain started churning. And what about? The logistics of the proposed ADD commune from another thread. Yeah, I was designing layouts for buildings and housing and trying to figure out how to keep things organized for safety and hygiene and finances and special needs, and it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger until a professional anesthesiologist would have had trouble putting me under.

Is there any practical use for this overthinking? Of course not. I am not, realistically, going to do this. And now, because I'm so completely exhausted and have a day filled with playing taxi driver, it's also unlikely that I will accomplish anything that I actually could do. I think even a couple of things that I am supposed to do will fall by the wayside, because even a Focalin isn't going to keep me from shambling around like a zombie.

I think I'm going to take a little holiday from the stimulant and see if I can cram in a nap at some point during the day. This means, of course, that my husband will have ordered a package that will be delivered in the middle of it, and/or my neighbors will have visitors all day, so that the dog will be barking her head off every few minutes - once I'm starting to drift off to sleep. Despite the fact that I know it's hopeless, I'll give it a shot. I'm going to get absolutely nothing accomplished today, I'll be in bed at 7, and I'll probably wake up at 2 just to compensate for the potential restfulness of an early bedtime.

I will go to my grave not knowing what it's like to go to bed, fall asleep, and wake up feeling rested. *sigh*

08-13-10, 07:29 AM
Hi i dont really have sleeping problems apart from always waking up during the night. Though my brother did so my parents did some research and found this sleeping thing called melatonin i dont really know much about it but i know that the brain naturally produces it so yeah do some research and you might find something good. Hope it works good luck