View Full Version : Body Dysmorphic Disorder and ADD / OCD / ASP

06-25-10, 08:39 AM

Seeing if anyone out thereis dealing with BDD (Body dysmorphic disorder or Body dysmorphobia)

as well as ADD and Aspergers and maybe other OCD syptoms???


06-26-10, 11:39 AM

I would not go so far as to say I have BDD, to have BDD I understand it has to be a permanent state of mind.

However I do find occasionally when I get caught up it bouts of hyperfocus it can be associated with my appearance - I will become extremely negative, feel i'm actually the most disgusting person on this earth, take countless photos of my face, tweeze my eyebrows for hours, do body measurements, google plastic surgery, pinch, pull, push... it becomes a stream of hours of negative obsessive body association. All of a sudden I'll find I've been obsessing over my appearance for 6,7,8 hours.

But like everything else I get caught hyper-focusing on it passes. I will stop, I will gain perspective, I will feel "fine" again, I will feel confused as to how I just lost that time obsessing.

It happens somewhat frequently, but I figured it is just because I am the one constant in my life, so if I am going to get stuck obsessing over something it is either going to be my appearance or my health.

Can you relate to that?

06-26-10, 12:06 PM
I only know of one person with BDD and I think she has add inattentive but she doesn't seem to think so. I'll take her word for it.

She doesn't know what she looks like, she can't look in a mirror and does her makeup with a mirror with a 1 inch circumference. She's beautiful and she'd never believe it.

06-28-10, 04:26 AM
S-sorry to hear if this is plaguing you are someone you care/love. All my best :)

Ginnie-I have had "SEVERAL" friends that have stayed this way and YOU can NOT convince them otherwise that they are beautiful inside and out. It is very progressive from what I have "seen". Starts with a hair here, a mole there, a scar from an accident, etc. then BAM! "EVERYTHING IS MESSED UP" I have heard. The ADD inattentive, I can see that easily because the distractions lead to "conjuring" (no offense anyone, its late & I am apologizing ahead that I could not think of another word to use since I know this is psych. in nature!? so sorry for anyone with this and other ill's!? BD ideas which lead to hyperfocus then nonhyperfocus then back to negativism IN MY PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN only. No clinical research. Just empathizing members! :)

Sounds like a terrible cycle to go kindness to all. Is there a "cure"? Have a wonderful day/night/week/month/year! :)

07-08-10, 12:29 PM
The ADD inattentive, I can see that easily because the distractions lead to "conjuring"
What do you mean by this??

07-09-10, 07:41 AM
Yea, me, not the Asperger's though.
My BDD gets better if I'm in control of my life. If I'm depressed, it flares up. If I'm happier, I can see myself in the mirror.
I know EDs are not really classified as body dysmorphic disorder but I think some are.

07-09-10, 07:58 AM
What do you mean by this??

Too much analysing leads to in-depth thought processing,i think conjouring was the wrong word as stated....

I feel,for hyper type the outward realise will break a pattern of thought etc,while inatentive type keep reflecting in.

Input is the same,in my view....but output is the main prob for us,i find.

That is the difference between the two....

So input coming in,then input of self analysis combined with input from outside of ones double impact of inward energies,not always positve....

So likely more chance of the dissorder(?),that has been mentioned.

We see a big difference between the two,because we only see output here,but we all see the same thing-as basis.

It has baffled me for the last year and half,what the difference is...then realised,it is the nt version of introvert and extravert.

Both is not fun,what so ever,two in one-no thanks,left versus right?

Do both hemispheres of the brain have their own concious?

If so,maybe we should be taught this,instaed of argueing in our own minds...maybe left is reasoning power,that provails in most-because easier.

I have also read about a syndrome(?),the person has two sets of genes...and because of the different strands,this person can have a switched personality......a sign for this is two different colour eyes.

It will not show up in ordinary tests,and even if tested may not show up,if i remember currectly....not the name of it though.