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06-23-10, 12:48 PM
Do you Have ADD/ADHD?

Men and women who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are needed for a 2-day outpatient study at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Volunteers with ADD/ADHD who have used medications for the treatment of ADD/ADHD and those who have never used medications for the treatment of ADD/ADHD are needed.

Volunteers should be between the ages of 18 and 40 and in general good health.Testing will take place at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Bayview Medical Center. Study participants will receive compensation, and travel expenses will be covered.

Earn up to $300 plus travel expenses.

For more information, call

410-550-2588 or 410-550-5295

or email johnshopkins.lab @

Collect calls are accepted.

Principal Investigator: Una D. McCann, M.D.
IRB Number: NA_00033609

06-23-10, 01:12 PM
Depending on the cost, we may be able to reimburse the complete cost of a plane trip. The first step would be to call or write in and determine what your circumstances are and if you would qualify for the research, and we could go from there.