View Full Version : Distraction

06-26-10, 09:09 PM
It was a beautiful day today and decided to make a BBQ. As I was waiting for the coal to heat up, I realised that there my fav program on the tv, so left the BBQ and sat on the sofa. Then I realised I needed my glasses so went upstairs. Once in the bedroom, went to the toilet. While in the toilet started reading a magazine about caravans, which left me wondering if there was any iphone applications about caravans. So I finished in the toilet and pick up the iphone to check the caravan applications. Run out of bateries and then I realised I have left the BBQ going. Went downstairs to check the BBQ only to realised the lawn was neglected so off I went to cut it. lots of weeds so opened the shed to get the antiweed spray out, only to find that the shed was a complete mess and started tiding it.

At the end I didn't found my glasses, didn't watch my favourite program, didn't cook the bbq, the lawn was left half way and the shed was a complete mess.