View Full Version : anyone in sw or south burbs want to help me?

06-28-10, 11:13 AM
I am in Merrionette Park, IL (all anyone ever knows this town is if i say 115 bourbon street the bar). I was just diagnosed with Innetentive ADD last week and was completely blindsided by it all...But very thankful I can finally have any answer to all my "lazyiness" as ppl have been saying all my life. I want to join a group but the closest one to me is in Homewood...which would end up being a 20-25 min drive at 7pm and I have a 2yr old at home...I was wondering if anyone knows anything about starting up a group and if anyone would like to help me and/or join! I'm sure we could find somewhere to have it...Alsip, crestwood, etc.

Thanks alot!