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Nathaniel 80
06-28-10, 11:37 AM

I was a 6 yr old child with ADHD, I am now an adult talking about what I have learned. See how to take ADHDaction to make your life better. My website is about my lifelong work with ADHD. The ups and downs.

I hope you might find something useful with it.


Nathaniel 80
06-30-10, 09:35 AM
Has anyone taken a look at my website. I have poured my heart and soul into making it the best I can.

It would be great to have some feedback good or bad if anyone has any.


06-30-10, 10:04 AM
Wow, you put a lot of time and effort into that. I briefly looked the other day and went back again today.

I think your comments on gifted and adhd, noone explaining it to you, and the need for counselling are very helpful to me. We're going through this with my son right now. You made me aware that I should be making more of an effort to make sure he understands so he can help himself.

Nathaniel 80
07-05-10, 12:25 PM
That's great!

It sounds like you are giving a good effort in learning about ADHD. Just by being online in this forum.

I wish you the best of luck. Even though at the young age he is he might not understand all of what is happening. He still may get quite a lot.

Good Luck!

10-26-10, 05:12 PM
Very good website. If your reading this, I suggest you visit the site and bookmark it.