View Full Version : Exercise is my Saviour!

Nathaniel 80
06-28-10, 11:52 AM
I love doing things that are active. Skateboarding or riding my bike,hiking in nature.
Lots of things that keep the heart rate up.

I find that when I do a good amount of strenuous heart pumping exercise before I sit down to work it really shows in my level of concentration.

It is almost like I have taken a dose of the best chemicals possible to get things done. And it was all free I just had to push my body to turn them all on.

Does anyone else get out there and get the blood pumping to control their ADHD?

06-28-10, 12:17 PM
I like when I mow the lawn at my work. Building up a sweat is great for my mind.

06-28-10, 12:29 PM
I put in 30 minutes cardio every day, one of the reasons is it has such a positive impact on my attention and my mood. (They seem to go together) When I don't do this regularly it goes downhill pretty fast. It's hard to get started, but once I get on my rebounder, I'm good to go and then it's hard to get off lol!

06-28-10, 12:53 PM
I like to stay active if it's practical, because sweatin' to the oldies, or jogging to nowhere just isn't for me. I like yard work, set painting, cleaning (preferably at the theater and not my house, but when in the mood my house gets a good scrubbing).

Hearty Soul
06-28-10, 12:58 PM
I read the below somewhere and I love it. I wish I could repeat the same words. I will use the 'sticky' notes on my new computer from now on to put down such thoughts when I do not have the patience to open 'Word'.

In order to lower agitation, improve focus and attention, and get rid of fatigue, we need to boost our brain with "good" energy. How?
Waste/get rid of the AD/HD *bad* energy which consumes our brain activity and our physical energy through EXERCISE.

This worked for me. I walk 2 miles when I can and I am planning to go back to the Gym for yogas and light weight training.

01-23-11, 05:25 PM
I love staying active. Getting into the habit of exercising regularly was one of the best things I've done for myself.
Besides increased concentration, I notice I have more energy and happier moods too.

01-26-11, 03:25 PM
Of course I overdo exercise , I workout everyday and have to watch it because I have a tendency to overtrain. Yet I don't think it really hurts my immune system too bad. It's really good if your adhd and helps you maintain a positive self image.