View Full Version : Paper or Silicon?

07-01-10, 11:33 PM
Do you use paper to organize your life, ie. day planner, post it notes, index cards, loose paper, etc. Or do you use a silicon based solution, ie. software, electronic organizer, cell phone, pda, etc. ?

07-02-10, 12:10 AM
Silicon all the way, although sometimes it is a hybrid. My work goes back & forth on a jump drive and gets backed up before I pull it out of either home or work computer.

If I get appointment cards I'll take a picture of them to keep in my phone until I get it into my calendar (I just use Outlook).

I got an iPhone in Feb of this year and rely on it heavily to nag me. So far good. I've even reminded my overfunctioning spouse about appointments that she forgot about!

07-02-10, 12:35 AM
I love computers. I work on them for a living. But I can't ever remember to check the computer for my appointments or notes. I've set reminders to go to my cell and on the pc, but every time I get a text message on my phone I get annoyed and irritated. (I get that way over any alert whether it's voice mail or text). So I stick to a day planner, and post it notes. I was using index cards, but that got old lol. My day planner has my todo lists and my all my appointments. I put post it notes in there for todo type items.

07-02-10, 08:08 AM
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07-02-10, 09:03 PM
Silicon. Paper doesn't like me. They disappear, I leave my diary somewhere. My diary I only use for appointments. It's not very portable and the portable ones don't have enough space to put all you need.
My smartphone, I use for tasks, for notes, for appointments, for receiving texts, for receiving phonecalls and games :-)
If I have an appointment in a new place, on my calendar, I download the instructions on how to get there from google.
I need step by step instructions.
I have a permanent shopping list that I change and update.
As I go through my day, I can note down all the tasks I need to do instantly as I remember without hunting for a pen and paper and then keep hold of that paper.

Imagine all the paper I would need to do all of that.

07-02-10, 09:13 PM

But have been thinking of ways to plan the planning...

I need to go back to the doctors,sigh:)

07-02-10, 09:49 PM
paper all the way:)
I have smartphone and all that but I just use it as an alarm clock. For other lists or schedule i still stick with paper.

07-03-10, 04:50 AM

Paper and I are not friends. Also, my handwriting is terrible and my hands cramp up if I try to write too much.

07-03-10, 06:28 AM
Silicon as much as possible. Paper does not have an inherent structuring quality. I can make lists and notes all I want but if I misplace them they are useless.
Plus, I cant read my own handwriting.

The fewer the items I need to remember to check the better it is. All in one place would be ideal, some sort of digital belt pouch.

07-03-10, 07:03 AM
Shortly after I responded to this thread, I found the last paper notebook I'd bought. It was in a drawer and somehow water-stained (I don't think that happened in the drawer, as nothing else seemed to be harmed). I don't even remember how long it's been missing, although I remember what I last used it for.

I also forgot to mention what I usually do, which is send myself e-mails with important information. This is not always as effective as I'd prefer, but if I use software I don't have open all the time, I will lose track entirely.

07-03-10, 11:27 AM
Both. My iPhone and Mac sync Calendars and notes over MobileMe (cloud) and I have a Levenger note card bleacher at my desk and a Leveneger "pocket briefcase" note card wallet that I can carry as well.

Both are necessary for me.

Here's my desk ( the day I put the note card bleacher in place . . .

You can see the Froum on my main screen and my iPhone running the "TimeTimer" app.

07-03-10, 04:07 PM
HTC Hero powered by DROID all the way baby! YEAH!!!!