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07-09-04, 08:22 AM
After being in a state of chronic fear for the last 14 months (PTSD) now that I feel I'm in a safe situation, I'm getting this huge let down. I'm trying not to get stressed about it. My counsellor said that when I feel that way I should write to uncover any hidden feeling but there are no feelings there. Nothing matters. I can't seem to find a circumstantial cause. Everything is going OK for the first time in the recovery process for me which is why this is so confusing. I can do things when 'activated' like karate training but I have no motivation to do anything myself. Today I didn't go to work and I did nothing except take the kids to and from school and make dinner.

Does there always have to be a circumstantial cause behind being depressed. I'm trying to figure out if my body is trying to tell me something and wondering if I'm missing the point. Should I just rest and go with the flow or should I try to keep going as normal? I don't know if resting is the same as giving up and I don't know if trying to keep going will make me crash.

Any thoughts? I can't seem to think my way around this.

07-09-04, 10:57 AM
I vote for just resting for a while. Sounds like you've been working real hard on this and are exhausted. It's OK to relax and take a vacation sometimes. In fact it's necessary to rest in order to heal any illness.

When I was a kid and got sick, I would just sleep it off and heal in a few days. It was great. Somewhere along the line I stopped allowing myself to relax like that and it became this bottled up anxiety but then I didn't really allow myself to be anxious either so it was very strange and unhealthy.

07-09-04, 11:50 AM
I agree with paulbf and to me it seems maybe your thinking about it to much
( coming from a professional an overthinker ;) )

I myself can only stop this by talking out my worries.

Taking Wellbrutrin has also helped me less of an overthinker...

Overthinker, my made up word of the moment :)

I wish I could be more help. I see your seeing someone for this. I know you'll speak to that person if this goes on to long for you...


07-09-04, 03:52 PM
I agree with paulbf and to me it seems maybe your thinking about it to much
( coming from a professional an overthinker ;) )

Gosh you are sooooo right. Hubby says that about me all the time and I know that if something is not right I tend to obsess over it until I can find the answer.

You are probably right though, I should rest. It feels wierd doing that though (especially being a Mum) coz I guess the expectation is that you never stop and I've become so used to ignoring what my body and mind needs in order to get things done.