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07-07-10, 11:57 PM
So, this topic was made because recently my twitches(maybe tics?) have grown steadily worse. I'm not sure if it was my recent diagnosis of ADD and the combination of the medicine or if the stress of work is getting to me.

My tics started a year before middle school so I was around...11 or 12? That's also when my finger biting started. It's gross but I can't stop it. If I do I noticed that my tics take over. When I bite they only happen once or twice in a day.

Lately with upping my dosage on concerta and added stress at work my tics that were only throwing my arm out while making a sort of noise and shoulder shrugging turned into those along with sort of making myself lean on my toes, scrunching my eyes together multiple times, and a worsening of my on and off stutter. Most of my twitches come on and off. They disappear for a month then come back then go again.

I told my doc about this and she says she wants to refer me to get neuro testing. I'm interested but my mom basically said stop complaining about every little thing to the doctor. You can either stay home and be mentally ill or go to college and be a student.

Why do I have to make a choice? I can't control what my brain does. So I might have ADHD and something else, she should have expected it. I'd been complaining of my twitch for years since they started. She swears up and down it's just a vitamin deficiency though. She also claims that if I get testing I'd have to stay home and not go to college because they'd want so many and I'd have no time for school. But it's summer right now.

I'm on the fence. Because my tics are so off and on and vary in intensity from barely there to definitely there. I'm not sure if I actually have anything or if it's just my own doing. I'm being convinced so anyway. Although my doc says it's not normal and should be examined.

Does this sound like it could be something? I told my doc that I didn't want to be referred to a neurologist for the reason I knew my mom would flip. Plus, I kind of like my tics...when they're not being obnoxious to me at work. But I do want to know if it's actually something like tourette's. I don't know if I should push to get tested or just leave it be until after college.

07-08-10, 11:36 AM
You don't have to make a choice; you can go to college and get help for AD(H)D/tics/medication. I've had little twitches/flinch like movements since I was very small, and they morphed several times over the years and they come and go, which doesn't help when the doctor is trying to pinpoint what's wrong.

My GP settled on 'transient tic disorder' and left it at that. My medication doesn't really have much affect on it (used to take concerta, but now take equasym).

Your mother sounds like she is one of these people (much like my own parents) who shy away and don't know how to handle a 'disorder' of any kind and on some level they probably feel some kind of shame about it, is it their fault? something they did? born that way? they will be thinking this whether they admit it or not, my parents were quite frank with me and admitted that they felt like the'd done something wrong for me to be like this.

Get tested, don't worry about it, ask for a centre that's near where you study as travelling just for the testing is too unreasonable. I'm sure ther'e a way around it.


07-08-10, 05:11 PM
I agree that I think she is one of those persons. When I was diagnosed with ADHD she told me she kept trying to trace how and which side of the family I could have gotten it from. She eventually just put it all on my dad's side.

I'm not sure how to convince her besides just going along with her plan on trying to treat me 'nutrient deficiency' then seeing if my tics stop then.

07-08-10, 11:09 PM
You could go along with the nutrient deficiency thing to keep your mother sweet, and get checked at the same time. I can pretty much guarantee that the 'treatment' for nutrient deficiency won't get in the way of/hinder a medical investigation into your tics.

Perhaps explain to your mother that although you agree that it's probably nothing (to keep her on your side) that it still has you concerned that it might be something more and you would like to get checked to cover all your bases. Just in case.
Go with the whole "prevention is the best cure" argument as you dont want to alienate your mother from the process, even if she doesn't buy any of it.

My parents only recently got 'knowledgeable' about tics because they watched a documentary about a guy who had motor tics for years without a diagnosis/answer to why they suddenly appeared, only to eventually learn that he had a very small tumor (this is a very rare cause of certain tics - so don't get panicked over reading it) that was causing it all. Once it was operated on to reduce the pressure it was placing on that particular part of his brain, the tics ceased (it came back and so did his tics unfortunately for him though - he had a good overall prognosis, but still, unfortunate). They phoned me sounding all worried, my mother telling me to get a scan as I might have a tumour etc... All these years them saying to me "just stop doing it then" put by the wayside and suddenly they 'get it'... only been 19 years of cluelessness! ;)

They've now educated themselves by buying every tic/tourettes book they could get their hands on and it's nice that they finally understand, but it's also annoying that it's the only thing they talk about when I visit them now...:)


07-09-10, 09:31 PM
Right now she's started me on one a day vitamins, and so far after 3 days of taking them I've noticed no real difference but I know things like that take time. I looked up what she thinks I have and noticed that it speaks of only minor muscle twitches. Not like full out throwing out an arm or leg but just maybe an unnoticeable twitch in the eyelid.

So I can rule out possibly having that.

The thing is though with explaining that it could be something more is that she's a nurse. Therefore she'd be like 'You'd know if it was something more by now' or something along those lines. She's knowledgeable in certain areas, but although she originally studied psychology she seems to be at a loss with things like this.

Or, as you said maybe denial and shame. She did go on about 'why would you want to have a bad medical record? It'll follow you.' But, as a nurse I feel she should at least be a little more skeptic to hidden dangers of the small things. I've heard that even a sudden personality change could be something major.

I'm glad that, even though it took a while, your parents got knowledgeable about things like this. Maybe I should show my mom a documentary lol :)