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04-22-03, 01:48 PM
<table border="0" width="475" align="Center"><tbody><tr> <td width=27%><font color="#440066" face="comic sans ms"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="ADD and Success by Lynn Weiss "> </a></font></td> <td><font face="comic sans ms" size="3" color="#440066"> This is a book that addresses ADD as something other than a disorder. Lynn Weiss talks about many people who have ADD and are very successful. <B>(1998)</B></font></td> </tr> </tbody>
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05-16-03, 10:35 AM
I thought this book was even lighter and less helpful than other books by Lynn Weiss. It almost seems like she is running out of things to discuss. Mostly I've found her materials to be a bit "fluffy" and not very practically helpful. This one is basically a series of vignettes, like so many other books on ADD, that describe one person after another and their symptoms, then how their treatment plan has or hasn't worked. It seems to be a formula approach, and one that I think is getting dated since it doesn't really offer anything new to the market. I also found *particularly* annoying is Lynn's way in this book of "expanding" on a quote from each person who has a vignette. For example, one person they might be looking at in the book will say "My life is chaos" and Lynn will say something to the effect of "but as she proves, chaos can be beautiful." (This is not a direct quote from the book at all... I'm just pointing out that I think Lynn's attempt to expand upon every person's quote is highly annoying and a bit patronizing.)

Anyway, I found this to be the least helpful of all her books (which I think tend to be a bit light on pragmatics and practical advice and heavy on vignettes and personal stories). I expected more since this was her third or fourth book, and the title seemed to suggest it would help with my job or career. Somewhat disappointed.