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07-10-10, 01:46 PM
Hello all,
I have read about several people's organization systems they have at home to help them remember their to-do lists, calender, bill paying, etc...basically all the stuff you'd need to keep track of at home in order to have some sanity in all other areas of life. I'm a very visual person and have a hard time envisioning an organization system based on description alone. If anyone has pictures of very visual systems they use, I would love to see pictures if you wouldn't mind sharing!

To further explain, what I'm currently thinking for myself is to have a bulletin board with different sections (maybe high, med. and low priority) and then write things on notes and pin them in the appropriate sections. Then things can be easily moved. I also need a good way to remember how/when to pay bills and on that I'm still totally lost. I'm also probably need an "idea" section to keep track of random ideas I get that I don't want to lose.


07-10-10, 01:48 PM
I should add that I got this idea after reading DADHD's thread about paper vs. silicon and Meridian posted a very lovely picture of his (impressively neat) computer area/organization system.

07-10-10, 01:53 PM
I have finally given up the 3x5 card system. I has now become a habit for me to check my day planner first thing in the morning, then keep it open on my desk all day while at work. That way my appointments are always in front of me. There is a notes section on each day that I put my todo list for the day in. Picture won't help much here as it is pretty standard.

I keep the dayplanner in my backpack when it's not opened up in front of me. My backpack is essential to my daily survival lol. It's my backup system. Again, a picture isn't really useful here.

But I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures to give me ideas on improving my system.