View Full Version : High Resting Heart Rate!

07-11-10, 04:12 PM
Hey Guys,

So the other day, I went to see my Dr. about a mole that I needed checked out.

Well, when he took my blood pressure it was fine he said, but my resting heart rate was up in the 90's. I asked him about that and he said not to worry about it.

Now I have read that a good resting heart rate for an athlete (which I am) is somewhere in the 40's.

I also have a blood pressure machine at home and my heart rate is in the 80's to 90's except one time when I first woke up it was like 69bpm.

I have taken some things into consideration about my high heart rate at the doctors. First, I do have anxiety issues, and I am always nervous when I go to the doctor.

Second, I also have cerebral palsy and walk with crutches, and I have to use a lot of energy to walk.

Long story short, since my doctor doesn't seem to concerned about it should I be concerned about it? Or do you think it's just my anxiety getting the best of me?