View Full Version : Light Sensitivity

07-21-10, 02:19 AM
anyone else have trouble not only getting to sleep at a reasonable time, but also waking up earlier than you want to because of light sensitivity? any solutions? i struggle w/ eye masks - they tend to bother me (am hypersensitive like many ADDers!) i wish i could create a completely windowless, soundproof pod for sleeping in but... am lacking in funds. ;-)

07-21-10, 02:39 AM
I use a thick cloth headband sometimes, it feels better than eye masks and it does the job. I hate stuff covering my nose and mouth so I can't have covers over my head. My son is very sensitive to light as well, so he wakes pretty early. Curtains are expensive, but if you go to a fabric store and get the discount fabric (dark colors are cheaper in the summer) you can cover your windows at a really low cost... may not be fashionable but it saved me!
Putting foil/aluminum on the outside of the window along w/ dark curtains inside might work better and I hear it helps keep your house cooler. Or try moving into a darker room for the summer, if possible. Thick black fabric is your best bet...along with changing your wall colors darker (not a depressing color, try a darker earth tone), white or similar tones make a room much brighter.