View Full Version : Anyone ever have any luck with buspar?

07-28-10, 01:48 AM
I tried it once but I don't think I was on it long enough to have an effect.

08-28-10, 12:33 PM
I take buspar along with 10mg of Adderall 2x per day (Barr Generic).

The effects of buspar are so subtle that I can't tell what the effects actually are. I was first on 7.5mg twice a day. I didn't notice anything after 2 weeks, so my doctor told me to increase my dose by 5mg every 3-5 days until I felt I was effecting me correctly, or I reached 15mg twice a day.

While I was increasing my dose I felt fantastic. I went from being generally anxious, what I assume is boarder line depression and feeling like being in a constant rut, to feeling very optimistic, energetic, and like myself. But on top of feeling great I had a weird side effect of having cramps throughout my body that wouldn't go away for a few hours to a few days. I didn't call the doctor to tell him because for the first time in a while I felt like me. A few days after I reached the 30mg a day limit I missed a dose and since then I have slipped back to where I was before the Buspar. Im not sure if it has to do with the fact that I missed a dose, or because the dosage was no longer being raised, or a combination of the two, but that happened about 2 weeks ago and I have yet to get back to where I was...

Does anyone have any other experiences with Buspar? Or any experiences feeling the same way I have that can give me some insight? Should I try something like a SSRI?

08-28-10, 09:34 PM
I took it for almost 3 months, got the 'head shocks' and discontinued taking it. It didn't help or change anything

08-16-11, 03:57 AM
I've had nothing but good reactions with Buspar, and I always recommend someone try it before they try Tenex or benzos. It's a clean, non sedating and non addicting med, it's fairly fast acting, and has a short half life. There's no wait to build up blood levels, either.

I take 30 mg about a half an hour before I know I'll be doing anything stressful. I can skip doses with no problem, and you don't need to taper off of it. If you have nightmares or PTSD, take it before bed. It won't make you sleepy, but it will help keep your brain from going into the "scary places".

Cheshire Cat
09-14-11, 11:42 PM
It did nothing for me at all. Nor, for that matter, did Xanax..

09-18-11, 03:13 PM
I took Buspirone (generic for Buspar) about four years ago for my anxiety for about half a year, and all it did to me was make me feel irritable and aggressive towards everyone. In face, Prozac worked better for me and my anxiety than Buspar did, even though Prozac lost its effectiveness in the long run.

09-18-11, 05:19 PM

10-22-11, 10:03 PM
I was taking Buspar with Strattera 40mg cause the Strat was making me too edgy.

When I took a whole 10mg Buspar, I would get extreme nausea...almost having to lay down for about 30 min. before it would go away.

So I took half a pill of Buspar (5mg) and then another half about a hour later and that got rid of the nausea.
Bottom line:

YES it worked for me. HOWEVER, now I've been prescribed adderall XR 20mg now. Took my first pill at 1pm today (bad idea) and couldn't calm down untill I took 2 Buspar (20mg). A search I did earlier showed a study on rats that said Buspar was ineffective in low doses on mice that were given Cocaine shorlty before. It just made the mice go back for more coke. But a high dose of Buspar worked on the mice. Hence I took 20mg of Buspar and now i've calmed down quite a bit. Feel...."stoned"

This is relavent because a human reaction to cocaine and stimulant based ADHD drugs is similar.

10-23-11, 08:45 AM
In your situation i dont feel buspar would help much. That and studies behind the drug are not very promising and it has a lofty side effect profile. I think and NE blocker is what you need. intuniv or clonidine should work since i believe your issues are rooted in NE causing anxiety that is not directly caused by panic that is epidemiologically organic.

11-29-11, 03:38 PM
this post did not come out correctly. please see one below it.

11-29-11, 03:42 PM
To respond to your question, I have had experience with Buspar. I do not care for it whatsoever. I am a little over two months into a Buspar regimen prescribed to me by the VA, as I am a Veteran who suffers from PTSD.

I started with 5mg 2x/d and my Wife said after a few weeks she noticed a difference in me. I did not. Prior to this I had been on Wellbutrin and I didn't feel it was working. Looking back, I don't think I gave the Wellbutrin a fair shot. Prior to this, I've never taken regular meds, let alone for a mental condition. I expected a magic pill and when my life did not change after a few weeks, I went looking for a different magic pill. I should also probably mention that I refuse to take SSRI's; my Wife has a major fertility issue, and we have had 7 failed attemps at a pregnancy (several IVF's, clomid, etc.) that being said, I will not jeopardize my sexual function in any way shape or form. There is too much at stake and too much fact points to SSRI's destroying one's libido.

Back to the Buspar... my VA doc (or at least one of the several docs I've seen) changed my does to 10mg 2x/d, then gradually to 15 2x/d. Since the increased dosage, I have spiralled backwards. (I also take Vyvanse for ADHD, which I started one month ago tomorrow. This was rx'd to me by a civilian doctor.) It is almost as if the Vyvanse is fighting to compete with the Buspar, if I take them within any less than 6 or 7 hours of each other. Buspar is considered to be almost a less potent cousin of a benzo, which is a depressant. Buspar itself is actually classified as a depressant. If you are also taking ADHD meds, which are almost all CNS stimulants, something like Buspar would be counter-effective.

Despite my ADHD, I have always had motivation. Before treating my ADHD, my motivation would often lead me in 7 different directions to take on 20 different tasks, but I had that motivation. I fear that the Buspar has taken a piece of that away. I used to walk my dogs every night, run as well on 4-5 nights in addition to a regimen of pushups, pullups, etc. I now walk the dogs when I have to and it's been over a month since I excercized at night. Coincidentally, about a month ago was when my dose of Buspar was raised. The War caused me a lot of problems. With my marriage at risk I sought help, now that help, in the form of Buspar, is creating more problems than it is fixing, and it is fixing none.

Also, Buspar will cause weight gain, which it has done for me. The Vyvanse helps counter that up until about 1 or 2 pm, before which I eat as needed although I am not hungry. However, when the Vyvanse wears off, its like I become a ravenous, gluttonous sloth. I eat even though my mind is telling me its not a good idea; my mind is telling me that I should not have that third desert, but the Buspar is crushing any disention and putting it into my mouth. Add that to loss of motivation for excercise and you have a Sailor who was once ripped sporting love handles.

I would not abruptly quit a med without a doctor's orders and my only solace is that the VA appointment is next Tuesday. Buspar is garbage. when it wasn't wreaking havoc on my willpower and my motivation, it was doing nothing. I will be requesting to give Wellbutrin a second, more open minded try, both for PTSD and to help augment my ADHD meds. The remnants of the Buspar will be finding their way down my toilet where they will not be able to make anyone a gluttonous lazy sloth.

To sum up my opinion(s): Buspar is garbage, SSRI's are taking a very very risky gamble with one's libido, ADHD Meds are life changers, and Wellbutrin is the unsung hero that I am gonna have save me from this rut that bast@rd cousin of a benzo Buspar put me in. Good luck to you.[/quote]

11-29-11, 05:13 PM
Oh, by the way, i forgot to mention... shortly after I increased my dosage of Buspar, (an Anti-Anxiety medication), I began to have anxiety attacks somewhat regularly. I have never had any major issues with anxiety attacks, outside of a few I had when I was a college kid taking too many weight lifting supplements. Now, since a Doctor felt that Anti-Anxiety meds were a good idea to prescribe for a patient who said they had little to no anxiety, (who just didn't want a damn SSRI), anxiety has showed up on my doorstep, the sat down in my living room and doesn't want to leave. Thank you, Buspar, for you are the gift that just keeps on giving. Why did I decide to post this? Because I feel the makings of an anxiety attack brewing as we speak.

11-30-11, 01:38 AM
Buspar (buspirone) is one of those coin toss drugs, so either it will work or it won't. It may work very well, it may work okay, or it may not do anything or the worst, side effects are bad. I've heard miracles from this drug, but I've also heard it doesn't do squat.

I got it prescribed for my PDw/A (panic disorder with agoraphobia, my abbreviation) as my first med to try to combat the PDw/A. Reflecting back on it now, I think the doctor thought I had GAD, but I don't. Anyways, I decided to give it a month to control the PDw/A.

Drug: Buspirone (Buspar)
Dosage: 10 mg
Frequency: 3 Times a Day (T.I.D.)
Length of Therapy: ≈30 Days (1 Month), June 2011-July 2011

I would say that Buspar was one of those do-nothing drugs for me. It didn't make me feel bad, it didn't make me feel good, and it certainly didn't seem to rid me of anxiety attacks and agoraphobia. I sometimes got nausea, drowsiness, and a headache as side effects, but in the end it wasn't doing it for me. I stopped the "anxiolytic" and stuck to my Adderall and Suboxone for a while that summer

My recommendation would be to go a month, see how you feel. It depends on your type of anxiety. If it is panic attacks and agoraphobia and sudden feelings of debilitating anxiety I don't think it works best in those cases. However, Generalized Anxiety Disorder may allow Buspar to have a better effectiveness. If after a month+a week or two nothing is changing (like Antidepressants) it's time to reevaluate your options.

Good Luck! I hope it'll work out with you!

01-30-12, 03:45 AM
While I was in jail, awaiting trial for a self defense shooting, I was prescribed Buspar and Paxil. The jail would not dispense narcotics even though I had valid prescriptions for xanax and restoril. It is difficult for me to tell you how beneficial it would be in a "normal" daily life situation. I guess it seemed to help while I was in jail. My anxiety, depression and stress levels were extremely high. I was willing to take anything they would give me. Once the charges were dropped and I was released, I tried to quit taking paxil and busbar. The withdrawals were awful (mainly due to the paxil). My doctor switched me to prozac 20mg and klonopin 2mg and I felt much better. Now I take prozac 10mg and valium 10mg. I never considered taking the buspar again once I was back in the "free world". From my experience, you have to try almost everything before you can figure out what works best for you. is a good reference tool for reviews.

01-30-12, 06:49 PM
Whoa. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that, but I'm glad that justice prevailed in the end. As a fellow gun owner, I'd never hesitate to defend myself, but I always worry about the legal repercussions afterward.

Paxil, and it's cousin Zoloft, are absolute BEARS to come down off of. I can assure you that Buspar wasn't the culprit here.

05-01-12, 12:55 PM
I'm currently on 10MG 3x Daily. Each time I take it I get dizzy/hot(hot flashes)/head/body zaps.

It helps with preventing panic attacks but I still get detached. Overall I'm hoping to get off it and try something else.