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08-01-10, 11:56 AM
To the tune of-http:// (http://http//

How many gentle Cuntrie's grow in an EnGlish Cu'ntree.... Gar-aden,

N!....H.S is best ....specially in the west,and.they.miss,you'll surley become-Homeless,

In an English Cuntree Garaden.

Dopamine and seratonen,

Anxiety and stresseses,

... .... ... .. .. .....
(now FAST)

Co-existing dis-oorders,

Artistical pedigree,

Plasterers without degrees,

Politicians let us be,

Her majesty the Intel.Queen,

All the ((bizzy)) worker bees,

In an English Cuntree Ga-arden.

(de dae da,do do do do do de doi)

How many work-ers own their own homes,

In an English Cuntree Garaden.

(now FAST)

Planted like a pea,

omg-you don't know me......

In an English Cun'try Gararden.

08-01-10, 12:20 PM
Once upon a time their was a fish who wen't to school,
Omen,was the fish's name.

Omen and his friends wen't on a school trip,with the other fishes.

The other fishes liked Omen because he was smart and fun,

all the other fishes were smart or funny,but not both.

Omen would be the first to try everything,

When the other fishes found this out,they thought Omen was not smart,

but just fun like some of the others.

Omen liked the fun fishes more, since the other's left the group.

Omen and his fun friends who were left,went out to have some fun,

they told Omen to do something first,as he always does,but

Omen did'nt like this one bit,he wondered why he had been doing all the fun stuff,

while others watched.....but why were they laughing?

They are not fun or clever,he rightly thought,

Omen began to laugh at all the others,

All this time,you thought you were making me do-it.


Omen went to find himself under the name Nemo.

08-01-10, 02:19 PM
The world is a magnet,the moon a magnet the sun a very strong magnet,

They are all floating around through positive and negative charges....

This positivity and negativity is also seen from space on earths borders,inside these borders are countries-with positive and negative attributes-often dualing.

We have it in our brains positive and negative electro magnetic charges.

The majority of the Easterly Southernly World have mass negativity.

The majority in this Western Northernly World have mass positivity.

Within these two hemispheres there are still positive and negative duals,within the population and ones self.

If we are Western Aclimatized,we would be in the minority-negative if right brained,and positive is left brained.

Depending on the dual and the brains genes,the battle is mostly won by the positive left...but in some cases this is not possible.

We attract negative if we are positive,

We attract positive if we are negative,

This theory is going out the window.

Your dammed if ya do and ya dammed if ya dont!

08-01-10, 03:47 PM
This piece here is a bit nifty!

08-02-10, 12:17 PM
We have organs that do not get used

We have brain segments that are not used

Is this because they let us eat food that is worth less the the recycled packaging it is in.

Then they want the expensive containts back-for recycling.

WTF-they try to warp our minds with the teachings that make slaves.

The more left sided you are the easier it is to be lectured all day.

There are two consciouses-as we are born not using the left hemisphere as often,normal brains are the exact opposite and equal.

They have minimal function on the right-hence wh'Y' they are so stupid.

Generation 'Y'

Any body else just love it?:D:(

(those at the very top-no-worries,they have both)

08-02-10, 08:35 PM

Those at the top...have none.